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Download Movie Sniper 3Sniper Thomas Beckett (Tom Berenger) is hired by NSA officials, William Avery (Denis Arndt) and Richard Addis ( William Duffy) to perform a covert operation to eliminate a suspected terrorist. The terrorist turns out to be a friend of Beckett's and the real purpose of the mission turns out to be something other than what Beckett was told.


Tom Berenger as Thomas J. Beckett
Byron Mann as Quan
John Doman as Paul Finnegan
Denis Arndt as William Avery
Troy Winbush as Captain Laraby
Jeanetta Arnette as Sydney
William Duffy as Richard Addis
Nophand Boonyai as Tran
Dom Hetrakul as Chu
Govit Vattanakun as Chinaman
Naraporn Chainin as Vietnamese Man
Zawit Subanunt as Policemen
Bangongsak Kansai as Policemen
Adyama Isao as Asain Bodyguard
Ken Streutker as Neil Finnegan
P.J. Pesce

Tom Berenger, once again, back to our side as super favorite fictional
sniper, Tom Beckett. This time he is sent back to Vietnam to kill
Paul Finnegan, a former soldier, thought dead, but last AWOL. But
government that sends the mission is not really telling him the whole
truth.He teams with the son who never knew he had (which never
such right of appeal, but it's pretty damn obvious ) To complete its mission.
This film was really a good step up from the second, thanks to
location, some pretty good action, and a better plot in general.
I have no clue if a fourth film is intended, but if this is the last
Sniper movie then I am glad that the series ended on a high note.

My Grade: B +
Sniper is a solid thriller capricious and driven some first-class
action sequences. Sniper 2 sequel proved to be a very solid and not so far behind the original
. Sniper 3 is as good as, if not slightly better
, Part 2, as it expands a little Beckett and gives
more than an idea of this interesting character.

Retired Marine sniper Beckett, now teaching this profession, is given a
compared to an assignment; locate and kill an old friend who has been
supply of arms to enemy.

The action scenes are good, production values surprisingly good,
story is the most well-written and the film is fast.
All these are qualities that make a decent film and Sniper 3 is undoubtedly a very
decent action / thriller. Tom Berenger added more layers to the
Beckett character and gives a very good performance.

The Sniper trilogy worth seeing,
every movie has something going for it.

Download Sniper 3
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