Son of the Mask

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(action, adventure, comedy, family, fantasy)
Download Movie Son of the MaskA cartoonist named Tim Avery loves his dog, Otis, more than anything in the world. But when Tim and his wife have a baby, Otis starts to feel left out. But then Otis finds an enchanted mask and plots to be rid of the baby once and for all, but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, up in Valhalla, Odin is infuriated at Loki for losing the mask and orders him to go get it...


Jamie Kennedy as Tim Avery
Alan Cumming as Loki
Liam Falconer as Alvey
Ryan Falconer as Alvey
Traylor Howard as Tonya Avery
Steven Wright as Daniel Moss
Kal Penn as Jorge
Ben Stein as Dr. Neuman
Brett Pickup as Museum Boy
Peter Callan as Museum Redneck
Ashley Lyons as Museum Security Guard
Wayne McDaniel as Museum Person
Sandy Winton as Chris
Rebecca Massey as Clare
Issac Longmuir as Chris & Clare's Child
Lawrence Guterman

Kennedy should stop experimenting with bad movie scripts. What was that
thinking? This is a film that should not have passed the "hey, I
have an idea, let's make a sequel to" start-up phase. If there is a
zero rating, I give you, but I guess I settle for a generous 1. This
It seems that these days if there is a ball to be made, the film will be executive
digging an old hit and run by a group of writers and see what is presented.
(Hey, I said "hit and run"! Kinda describes how I felt when this movie ended
!) how this piece of trash never saw the light of day is beyond me.
is full of nasty humor, odd animation and jokes that
not take much anywhere that besides a state of confusion. If you are
dragged to this movie, and someone is paying for you .... fine ....
but its still going to be more painful than a brick in the forehead.
However, if you are thinking about paying their own hard-earned money,
seek a better alternative.
An abomination before the gods of cinema. Why is that producers need to
spew out such garbage. Absolutely not saboteurs continue. It is impossible to provide
saboteurs since the film has no plot, no credible
acting, bad effects, etc. In fact, the movie spoiled my evening. 3 hours
in vain. I am offering this so that you do not waste time unless you like
pre-adolescent fart jokes, bad temper and not the plot. If this is the
sort of thing you like, then it is possible you will like this movie.
This assumes you are under 11 years old. Son of the Mask is
clear and positive proof that Hollywood just keep cranking out
crap, as long as we're going to buy bushland. My only reward is knowing that
this movie, when released on DVD, will end in negotiating for bin
5.99 or less. (A rip off to that!)

Download Son of the Mask
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