Take the Money and Run

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(comedy, crime)
Download Movie Take the Money and RunThis film is presented as a documentary on the life of an incompetent, petty criminal called Virgil Starkwell, played by Woody Allen. It describes the early childhood and youth of Virgil, his failure at a musical career, and his obsession with bank robberies. The film uses a voice over narrative and interviews with his family, friends and acquaintances.


Janet Margolin as Louise
Marcel Hillaire as Fritz
Jacquelyn Hyde as Miss Blair
Lonny Chapman as Jake
Jan Merlin as Al
James Anderson as Chain Gang Warden
Jackson Beck as The Narrator
Howard Storm as Fred
Mark Gordon as Vince
Micil Murphy as Frank
Minnow Moskowitz as Joe Agneta
Nate Jacobson as The Judge
Grace Bauer as Farm House Lady
Henry Leff as Virgil's Father Mr. Starkwell
Woody Allen

Woody Allen comedy shows his brilliant gift with this early
film. Not many comedians could leave a joke when a side effect of a
drugs is growing a beard and speaks like a Jewish rabbi. Woody
plays Virgil Starkwell, a pathological liar and clumsy thief
that falls in love with the beautiful Louise, played by Janet Margolin. You kind of feel sorry for
Virgilio of the lack of direction with his life and root
him to succeed with something, even if it is stolen. Woody's
dialogue and the variety of characters maintain their interest. The film is also
spattered with amusing anecdotes, as when Virgil's asked if he thinks
* s former is dirty and he replied that "only if you're doing well."
Woody also comes with many memorable situations, as when he and Louise
are arguing about what color shirt that should lead to a robbery.
Again Woody cuts a hole in a jewelry store window and run away with
piece of glass. Allen had influences from previous comedians, but
influencing uses to develop a truly original style.
Take the Money and Run (1969) Woody Allen was the film debut
(sans Tiger Lily). The film follows the life of a criminal loser, shooting
false in a documentary style. Allen used to its maximum
small budget and made a fun movie. This was the beginning of its slapstick
/ farce phase will last until the early 70's. An interesting
beginning for one of the most unique film-makers that
ERA. A dash of Woody Allen and Mickey Rose is deeply engraved with
screwball humor of the icons of their childhood, as the Marx Brothers and Charles Chaplin
. This film showed the promise of a bright
director who would become a major player in Hollywood in the years to come
. Highly recommended.


Download Take the Money and Run
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