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(horror, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie PulseImagine our wireless technologies made a connection to a world beyond our own. Imagine that world used that technology as a doorway into ours. Now, imagine the connection we made can't be shut down. When you turn on your cell phone or log on to your e-mail, they'll get in, you'll be infected and they'll be able to take from you what they don't have anymore — life.


Kristen Bell as Emily
Tate Hanyok as Cafe girl
Ian Somerhalder as Jeff
Christina Milian as Traci
Rick Gonzalez as Stone
Riki Lindhome as Janelle
Jonathan Tucker as Uncredited
Amanda Tepe as Grad Student
Samm Levine as Tim
Steve Talley as Marc
Joseph Gatt as Uber Phantom
Corryn Cummins as Crying Girl
Jim Sonzero

Just came home to see Pulse. Sorry friends, this is a film
not be sorry you missed. Slow, boring, and a lot of loose ends. Not
emotions, chills or characters you can care.
You are presented with a group of close friends - but nobody seems concerned or even
notice that one of his friends has not been around, anywhere,
for a few days. Nobody seems to care when their fate is discovered.
For some reason, all university students seem to reside in apartments with
black walls and leaving food all over the place to putrefaction. I guess
props department had a lot of mistakes around and wanted to use
top. Best wait until this movie shows up on cable at 3 am and
you have nothing better to do before seeing one.
The hacker Josh (Jonathan Tucker) invades computer
Douglas Ziegler (Kel O'Neill), which is developing a powerful wireless signal and
accidentally releases a mysterious force that has the will to live
Humans, generating an epidemic of suicides and enhancing the
force. His girlfriend and psychology student Mattie (Kristen Bell)
sees each of their common friends dying and destruction of
modern world, and together with his new known Dexter (Ian Somerhalder
), deal planting a virus developed by Josh
in the network to shut down the system and save humanity.

The argument of "Pulse" is very original and has the potential, with the concept of wireless signal
with what some evil and lethal entity.
however, the script is weak, introducing characters without any previous
development and making this interesting topic
similar to a pilot of a television program. Lead actress Kristen Bell is fantastic and perhaps
a good romantic comedy actress, but her face has no expression in
the dramatic scenes when their friends die, or fear and
creepy scenes where is attacked by the forces. Anyway, Ian Somerhalder
of "Lost" has a good performance and this movie is a good
entertainment. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Pulse"

Download Pulse
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