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(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie TrappedJoe Hickley thinks he's got a great scheme: kidnap the child of rich parents, hold it for 24 hours, keeping the mother under his control while an accomplice gets the ransom from the father, who is on a trip. But things go very wrong when he tries this scheme on the Jennings family, in part because their daughter Abby is asthmatic, and in part because the Jennings' find out more than Hickley wants them to know.


Charlize Theron as Karen Jennings
Courtney Love as Cheryl Hickey
Stuart Townsend as William Jennings
Kevin Bacon as Joe Hickey
Pruitt Taylor Vince as Marvin
Dakota Fanning as Abigail Jennings
Steve Rankin as Hank Ferris
Gary Chalk as Agent Chalmers
Jodie Markell as Mary McDill
Matt Koby as Peter McDill
Gerry Becker as Dr. Stein
Andrew Airlie as Holden
Randi Lynne as Hotel Operator
Colleen Camp as Joan Evans
J.B. Bivens as Gray Davidson
Luis Mandoki

Today everyone is talking about Charlize Theron. His new film "North Country
" to be nominated for the Oscar next year, and that
knows, maybe win again. The thing is that I have known her as an actress
long, and have seen most of his films, but after what
"Monster" was, and after she is now, I feel
as going back and analyzing, if you just have luck, or if she has always been a good actress

without the intention of his adulating, I can state that has always played
interesting features. Take "Mighty Joe Young", the Disney film, for example.
She played the "heroin," an easy role, and I was a kid, but she
not see every day as heroin, had managed to reach a different approach
. Then came join Johnny Depp in the difficult journey that was serving
"The woman astronaut," a movie that sucked in their content, but
delivered in benefits.

Besides being mitigated by the people stronger than in the same year "The Cider House Rules
", 2000 was his great year, which left me breathless
with his portraits in "Men of Honor" and "The Legend of Bagger Bance";
and showed me and betraying his dark side in "The Yards" and "
Reindeer Games" (with the great Gary Sinise). So in my quest for "rediscovery"
found "Trapped", one of his last films before Oscar for his film.

The film is very good, and so is their performance. The traumatized
see you get sometimes is awful. How do you move around the body,
silent and alert, because his character knows the danger is that, but
tries hard to be strong and fight with intelligence you'd expect from it.
Has never looked so beautiful a woman in underwear, but at the same time in order to
repugnant, because there is no pleasure in his position.

There is no pleasure at all in this movie. Karen's (Theron) is kidnapped daughter
(data: she is played by Dakota Fanning, two years before she was kidnapped
again in "Man on Fire", if it maintains a kidnapped
get films that might someday disappear), the secrets and are not held. We meet
the man who planned the abduction, Joe (Kevin Bacon), its partners
Marvin (Pruitt Taylor Vince disturbing mode) and Cheryl
(second invoice and unfitted Courtney Love) and his plans, including
where they keep children, and how and when to take them back to their families

The group has done the same strategy of kidnapping four times, achieving
without being caught; Joe always boasts of it. What the movie
announcing that this time will not be perfect, because it is not Karen
like the other moms, her husband Will (Stuart Townsend as always looking
) is not like other dads, and most importantly, its
daughter Abby is not like the other kids. After the group realizes
about this miscalculation, writer Greg Iles' character development

I do not know if ever lived Iles, but the environment seems so real.
"How do you pick the families?", Karen asks Joe. "Well, they have to be rich
, children need to have a permitted age and the mother has to be
beautiful." Finally, Karen tries to find out why they do, and
as I said, there is no pleasure, because they have fun doing so.

During these scenes, a tense relationship between Karen and Joe
arises, and in terms of performance, which are nothing more than moments
make it clear the risk is actor Kevin Bacon , And dedication that gives
his characters. The way they spoke with her, how it solves the problems
with a gaze; later (you need pay close attention), how
moves his hand when he drives, because he has not slept
and can not control their pulse… The story behind the "why" is very strong,
but when the movie decides that we must learn, there is no intention to
emotional impact, which is another screenplay remarkable detail. This
was unexpectedly discovered that there is no time to mediate about it;
not feel real. Mexican director Luis Mandoki accompanying the
environment, with a first shot at scene blurred blue, and then create
lots of empty pictures of places that are occupied immediately by the
characters… Very original.

What is probably not original or is the wrong resolution. I'm not saying that
could not finish well, I'm saying that because of the
progress of the film, I expected something else. Anyway, the typical
wins: but that does not diminish the quality of a film.
It is unfortunate that Columbia / Sony is not pushing this movie - there
convince some acting here (Theron makes women at risk thing;
does not hurt that she is easy on the eyes!) And three different < br> intertwined stories by the writer quite well. Some good and
configurations as well as payments (although one of them waggling the wings of an airplane is something
corny, but it has worked). My only criticism is that some of the dialogue

is predictable (the bad guys say exactly what we expect to say
in certain scenes).
Courtney Love plays a white trash Wenche quite well, but that's not surprising
if we take into account their backgrounds vagabond.

Bottomline: If you like thrillers, go see this at a matinee - worth

see on the big screen for some beautiful cinematography Pacific Northwest

And the climax. IMHO a big step above along came a spider and HIGH
I have not seen Mandoki other flicks, but I plan to rent at this time.

I just hope that Charlize Theron opted for something more challenging dramatic roles or his career
probably suffer for it.

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