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Download Movie TwisterTV weatherman Bill Harding is trying to get his tornado-hunter wife, Jo, to sign divorce papers so he can marry his girlfriend Melissa. But Mother Nature, in the form of a series of intense storms sweeping across Oklahoma, has other plans. Soon the three have joined the team of stormchasers as they attempt to insert a revolutionary measuring device into the very heart of several extremely violent tornados.


Helen Hunt as Dr. JoAnne 'Jo' Thornton-Harding
Bill Paxton as William 'Bill/Billy' Harding
Cary Elwes as Dr. Jonas Miller
Jami Gertz as Dr. Melissa Reeves
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Dustin Davis
Lois Smith as Meg Greene
Alan Ruck as Robert 'Rabbit' Nurick
Sean Whalen as Allan Sanders
Scott Thomson as Jason 'Preacher' Rowe
Todd Field as Tim 'Beltzer' Lewis
Joey Slotnick as Joey
Wendle Josepher as Haynes
Jeremy Davies as Laurence
Zach Grenier as Eddie
Gregory Sporleder as Willie
Jan de Bont

I am really surprised how low that the rating for this movie is on this site.
What's wrong with people? The film is awesome! It's a fun movie with great special effects

Some people have complained of history ... I do not succeed, history
seemed fine to me, given the nature of the film. The film is about
tornadoes! Not supposed to be a profound and inspiring film,
is only meant to be entertaining, and that certainly makes!
I thought the story was really excellent and keeps you interested in what was going to happen next
, the film very well flows scene to scene, from start to finish
. In addition, I must mention (before I forget) that I loved Jo Harding's
(Helen Hunt), a group of storm chasers, who are a large group of
interesting characters! I loved it all!

All actors did a fantastic job and there were a lot of them that are
worth mentioning. Bill Paxton makes impressive work as usual. Helen Hunt
fabulous if, and only looks as beautiful as ever. Jami Gertz
also did a good job and hoped fantastic. Philip Seymour Hoffman has done a really good job,
this seems a different role for him and nailed him! Cary Elwes
is one of the few players who can play a convincing bad guy and a good guy and also
is as good in comedy films. He is a very talented player
and has done a great job in this movie. I will not mention any names, but all
storm chasers has done a great job with his duties. As a director, Jan de Bont
: Another great movie to add to his resume! I can not wait to see his next movie
! And, I must mention writers Michael Crichton and Anne-Marie Martin
well, both did a great job with the story!

If you're looking for a fast pace, energetic, interesting, fun movie with some special effects
murderer, then this is the movie for you!
I would definitely recommend this movie to almost anyone. There is rarely
objectional nothing in the film and I imagine that this
appeal to a lot of people. Definitely I think you should see this movie.
I really hope you enjoy the movie. Thanks for reading.

Possible spoilers inside!


It is implied, later in the film (during a dinner scene
aunt) that tonight is time-F5 tornado intensity. This is
highly unlikely. Not only is not enough heat / revocation rate (and the consequent instability
thermal) without sunlight. The fluid dynamics
aspired to obtain a boy from a storm cellar just do not work.
Would require too much pressure differential in an enclosed space. Stick
A small piece of paper into a bottle of pop, and then seek the role of
pop bottles blowing. Blow through the opening, at the opening,
prove anything. Trust me, you simply will not work.

First tornado found

Mammatus clouds, which look outside the gas station, usually
indicate that a storm is diminishing, not at peak
intensity as suggested here. The tornado not shown arises from a wall of clouds, and hence,
is probably a land-peak. It is therefore unlikely to F2 intensity as
implied. Storm chasers do not drive like idiots.
They are very responsible and conscious of safety. Even when the deployment of the damage-path
instruments such as Toto not deliberately bring more than a half miles
more or less. An F2 tornado can not pick up a truck, like pushing around some
. Should the strings out as shown, it is highly unlikely (but not impossible
, certainly) that could reconstitute, and that apparently made
. The tornado debris cloud too varied in size.
In the last few seconds seemed to be just a few meters in diameter.
Not realistic. Hiding under a bridge is a really stupid idea. Storm chasers
only do something like that if there is no other option was available

Second tornado

The second tornado appears to be emerging from a wall of clouds (good for
!) but there is no such storm-hunter terminology such as " ; Sidewinder. "
There is no way we could assess the Fujita (F) only by the number
looking into the tornado. Dumb! No hunter of the storm that
never say something like that. The tornado does not move realistically.
Spawning of the second funnel is unrealistic. There is a second way could become
'split' of the first, as shown. The fluid dynamics of rotation
prevent it.

Hunt says they are 'in line with accompaniment. They can not be anywhere near the line
accompanying if they are 'in the centre' (mesocyclone,
I suppose that means). The whole 'cow' scene, while fun,
is totally unrealistic. They survive a direct impact of a 'F3'
tornado and nothing happens? Do not make me laugh.

Dinner at Aunt

not even know where to start with the absurd in this banter
scene. The whole 'Jack Daniels' story is absolutely impossible. Not even close

Third tornado

can not guarantee only touchdown Doppler radar. You can
determine the existence of a vortex, but there is no way to tell whether
is on the ground or in the air. There is a good image of the wall cloud
here! A good time. Where the hell is in the rubble of
from this scene? They are too far tornado and not anywhere near the
RFD. The tornado is moving too fast. It is not realistic. When
hit the power lines, what the hell explodes in a fireball?
Cloud motion is not realistic especially when the tornado lifts.

Fourth tornado

Once again we have an unlikely level of intensity after dark.
what are these people living in mobile homes parks? Every damned tornado in the state
heads straight for them! Not a bad misconception that the visible part
tornado, namely the condensation funnel, is where the
wind. The actual area of strong rotation can be many times higher
and a strong influx may extend even farther than that. The funnel
is visible only when the air pressure is low enough that air
is equal to or below the dew point. In dry air, tornadoes do not necessarily have to have a funnel
visible to all, at least until it is filled with debris and dust
. 'Downdrafts and microbursts'? What the hell is that
speak? They f *** ing a direct impact of a funnel. There was no
'downdrafts and microbursts'…
The propeller

I'm not sure about this. It might be really good. You, I can not image
a scientist designing objects
intended to be carried aloft by the wind that are spherical, which is the most efficient aerodynamic
symmetrically. The logical design would be something
intensive drag, not a low one (an area that would be), so
to be carried more easily by the updraft. It would not be necessary
do little propellers, however. Only a few
increase resistance.

Fifth tornado

Sure, it's good that tornado to hang around for hours until the storm chasers
are ready! The longest-lived tornado on record
lasted less than 75 minutes. Oh, and that unity of thing happened on the way to
their deployment. They range from bright sunlight to within one mile of a tornado
huge wedge, and then back into the sunlight, apparently far enough away
tornado to prepare their instruments, then easily drive
to within a few hundred feet of the thing. Yes right.

by the way, just because sensors spill out on the road, how come
are not good? Why have to be inside that barrel
thing? They still had to get sucked into the funnel, even if
that are scattered on the road… How can drive through the flames
the remains of a truck and not hit anything? Quibble: Explosion
Jonas truck actually false hopes. The continuity error: Part of
combine their success in the truck passenger side windshield. In
the very next shot the windshield is intact. There is no way to the truck
could lead even through a weak framework
home and leave the other side intact. Too many problems to the list. In almost all
scenes, which are too close to the tornado. That would be right in
the influx, and getting their asses kicked by him.
get caught in a tornado F5 unprotected: Probability of survival: very low. Probability of
survive unscathed: almost zero. Wind speeds in a tornado
F5 are between 250 and 317 mph Get
affected by even a small piece of debris would be how to get shot with a pistol. Even in the heart
tornado looks they're getting whipped by winds
perhaps 40-50 mph Yes, right. If any of them got hit by
even a small rock traveling at 250 miles per hour, which could be dead as
fried chicken. After the meeting, the tornado did not rope, but
dissipates within seconds. Pretty, unlikely. At the end
scene, it is clear that the tornado passed a few meters from the village
, however, the house is in good condition. Possible, but unlikely
very nice.

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