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Download Movie ValiantThe animated comedy tells the story of a lowly wood pigeon named Valiant, who overcomes his small size to become a hero in Great Britain's Royal Air Force Homing Pigeon Service during World War II. The RHPS advanced the Allied cause by flying vital messages about enemy movements across the English Channel, whilst evading brutal attacks by the enemy's Falcon Brigade.


Ewan McGregor as Valiant
Ricky Gervais as Bugsy
Tim Curry as Von Talon
Jim Broadbent as Sergeant
Hugh Laurie as Gutsy
John Hurt as Felix
Pip Torrens as Lofty
Rik Mayall as Cufflingk
Olivia Williams as Victoria
Jonathan Ross as Big Thug
Brian Lonsdale as Toughwood
Dan Roberts as Tailfeather
Michael Schlingmann as Underlingk
Sharon Horgan as Charles De Girl
Gary Chapman

Oh boy, Disney has its hands full with this ... a British animation
and expressed his film about World War II with death, destruction and bad manners
jokes. Oh, I hope that allows not cut the living hell out of this thing.

This is the story of Valiant, a small-normal pigeon, which wants
join up with the Royal Carrier Pigeon Service. With the help of
Bugsy, a dove with the artist who keeps accidentally gets
cheat your way through the service. Training has barely begun when
rush off to France to bring back an important message. There Valiant, Bugsy
and his squad come face to face with evil falcon you want
nothing better to do than lunchtime.

a brief 75-minute (reports of 109 minutes must be wrong) is a good
send up the conventions World War II. We have to incite hatred
Nazi falcons (the leader is played evilly by Tim Curry), do or die mission
; Mom's tearful farewell; Edith Piaf on the gramophone, French
resistance, British warm (two of whom are John Cleese and John Hurt);
heroic sacrifice and on and on and on.

The voice cast is excellent and any Anglophiles around
will want to see this for the great voice cast that includes Ewan McGregor as Valiant
, which is a wonderful hero, Ricky Gervais , Which is as hysterical as the Bugsy
Slob friend, and then add to Hugh Laurie, Jim Broadbent
, Curry, Cleese, Hurt and many others with what others to life
birds on the screen. The whole cast is fun to listen.

Humor is a vast network of British-style wordplay mood to
fart jokes to clever parody for almost anything. In its way completely different from any
your typical americas (ie.Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks)
film. Its comprehensive americas not humor, his quiet humor with British
slipping into slapstick. His Britcom front of a comedy.

Technically this movie is a marvel with things that will shame
Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks and work harder. There are some sequences
beautifully rendered, including the numerous action scenes
. WOW.

The problem here is that the pace is a bit slow. -- It's like a film
British World War II movies of the time. It is not bad but it could prove taxing
to an American public that are used to accelerate the pace of comedy.
However, once you go to France to the mission that captures very well with
persecution after persecution.

A friend asked him whether it was similar to Chicken Run, a sort of. Both are
Britsh war spoofs, but the style of humor is different and you do not
Mel Gibson has doubled in the direction of americas absurd.
Chicken Run is probably better, but its quite difficult to say because I need
Valiant to see again.

certainly not the be all and end what I'm doing what I recommend, especially if
you like the style of British humor.
I have just returned from taking my 4-year-old daughter to see Valiant. She really enjoyed
. It is not heavy or dark
although the film is set in World War II. The enemy and expects all sounded bad, as well as threatening.
It is not a bad movie, but not a great movie, either. However, a point that
It is worth mentioning. I think films like Valiant should be supported to
the box office if not for yet another reason to demonstrate their support for
G rated films. As a parent, I would like to thank Hollywood and film
industry to produce more of these light, G rated films that I might have
my children to see. No open sexuality, no foul language, not organs ripping
addition, only a little light and fun. Its just a pity that films like
Valiant are the exception rather than the rule.

Download Valiant
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