Vampires vs. Zombies

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Download Movie Vampires vs. ZombiesThe battle between the living dead and the undead has begun!


Bonny Giroux as Jenna Fontaine
C.S. Munro as Travis Fontaine
Maratama Carlson as Carmilla
Brinke Stevens as Julia/State Trooper
Peter Ruginis as The General
Melanie Crystal as Tessa Briggs
Erica Carroll as Mary
Roy Tupper as The Doctor
Rob Carpenter as Gas station attendant
Jon Scheffer as Gas station boss
Derek Champion as Jeep driver
Ligaya Allmer as Bob
Colin Worley as 1st zombie
Chris Webb as Roadworker zombie
Tarja Ridgewell as Vamp
Vince D'Amato

This was quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. I noted that

with a large group of friends and after being no more than one of us understands
the plot. Apart from the lack of plot, the acting is atrocious,
"special effects" were not so special, and the writing was absolutely horrible
. The film is the only redeeming factor that is so incredibly bad

which is quite fun. You can not help but laugh at a zombie that was run over

while the actors are spewing crappy dialogue. I do not recommend this movie

for anyone looking for a good movie, but it is something that a group of friends

can meet and have a good laugh. It's already a running joke among

my friends and I
1 out of 10.
Vampires vs. Zombies was not the original title. It was actually ...

Nasty Lesbian Two Semi-Vampires and Zombies How Hit by Cars:
Special guest appearances by Bob the Gypsies Homosexuality-witch and her dog,
Random Women with special powers and Catholic School Girl Short Skirt
Zombie choir.

also in the box: warning: Plot Not only the writer and director
understand the end, or anything else in this movie.

Seriously though, I love bad movies. I like Vampires. I love Zombies.
Hell, even enjoy lesbians. This film combines all three with a
vague and confusing (or nonexistent) plot, horrendous (I mean really
ADB) dialogue, and things randomly and those who have nothing to do with anything
(or ... I did not know what the world was going on).
Oh, and I can not forget the oatmeal green 'Zombies' on latex gloves
(yes, the film makers were so cheap that could not even cover their
Zombies in the hands of oatmeal and painting). Somehow, the result was this
excruciatingly BAD movie, if you could even consider that word.

was assumed that the end does not make sense? The Vampire was really
Nurse and the other girl was actually a mental patient? Where were the Vampires
Vs. Zombies? The hell, where were all the Vampires ...
You sure you can not call any girls vampires. Whatever.

Never rent or buy this film. If you really curious ... Well, I understand
. Seriously, even those who love films ADB will not be able to
this position. It is number 1 in the bottom 100.

Download Vampires vs. Zombies
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