Along Came Polly

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(comedy, romance)
Download Movie Along Came PollyCan a risk-averse insurance salesman on the rebound from his bride's infidelity (during their honeymoon) find happiness with a waitress he knew in junior high who's averse to commitment? Reuben is a sweet klutz who's ready to settle down but sees in her a chance to recover from disappointment and have some fun; Polly is a sweet itinerant, not ready to settle down but sees a chance to spend time with a nice guy who likes her. What will he do when his bride comes crawling back? What will Polly do, when he runs the numbers and thinks she's a good risk? Sub-plots involve his self-centered pal, who's a has-been actor, and an assignment to assess the insurability of a balls-out Aussie.


Ben Stiller as Reuben Feffer
Jennifer Aniston as Polly Prince
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Sandy Lyle
Debra Messing as Lisa Kramer
Alec Baldwin as Stan Indursky
Hank Azaria as Claude
Bryan Brown as Leland Van Lew
Jsu Garcia as Javier
Michele Lee as Vivian Feffer
Bob Dishy as Irving Feffer
Missi Pyle as Roxanne
Judah Friedlander as Dustin
Kevin Hart as Vic
Masi Oka as Wonsuk
Kym Whitley as Gladys
John Hamburg

The story is not overly involved, but somehow Along Came Polly is
fun. Ben Stiller only
knack to be able to embarrass himself and love for him.
You can not help but laugh
. But the film worth a look for Philip Seymour Hoffman, too, as the child actor

still searching for recognition - and work. The basketball court scene is great, but it is best

its performance with a community theater production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

If you've ever been in the theater community, or who has hung out with actors, you will appreciate this
Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston lead a talented cast and for the most part
deliver the laughs. Reuben Feffoid () Ben Stiller
're looking for a new relationship after walking his wife to Debra Messing () with a diving instructor
() Hank Azaria. While at a party he sees Polly
() Jennifer Aniston this girl who used to go to school, start
Reuben data and is trying to act more loose Polly Polly
because it is very loose. The plot is very similar to There's Something About Mary
and even steals from an episode of Friends. The film is not very original
so it is a strike against the fate that the film has a
funny cast. What really makes this movie work is
Philip Seymour Hoffman is hilarious as Sandy and he is the best part about this movie
. The rest of the supporting cast is fun
including Hank Azaria as a diving instructor and Alex Baldwin as head of Reuben. Ben Stiller
is fun but exhausting achieve its launch in the same role. Jennifer Aniston
enough plays his character Rachel and she is welcome.
The problem is that although Ben and Jen do not make a par realistic.
We have also seen it all before so there's no reason to go out and see this movie
. Rating 7 / 10, a fun movie worth a look

Download Along Came Polly
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