Closing the Ring

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(drama, romance)
Download Movie Closing the RingIn 1943, A dying gunner, who was in a crash involving a United States B-17, gives a ring to a local to return to his girlfriend in the USA. Fifty years later, a man finds the ring and tracks down the girlfriend and the history of this ring. Set in Belfast and North Carolina.


Christopher Plummer as Jack
Gregory Smith as Young Jack
Stephen Amell as Teddy Gordon
Martin McCann as Jimmy Reilly
Pete Postlethwaite as Michael Quinlan
John Travers as Young Quinlan
Anthony Finigan as Chubb
Harry Dickson as Belfast Taxi Driver
David Alpay as Chuck
Layke Anderson as Army Corporal
Paul Charlton as Private Thompson
Tom Collins as Fergus
Stephen Don as RUC Officer
Allan Gildea as RUC Officer
Stephen Harland as Resident


I saw this movie at the London Film Festival is an incredibly yesterday.It
old piece of film that sometimes seems very
contrived and manipulative, but contain the excitement and a true story that you
keeps watching from start to the end.Some
acting (especially the period of 1941) is irregular, but in the period 1991
of the film, MacLaine is great, so it's Postlewaite, but the film is stolen
of young Martin McCann as the naive Jimmy Reilly, who is responsible for
piecing together the lives of people separated by time and
oceans.After sample, Lord Attenborough appeared for a brief Q & A and
gave us an insight into the making of the film and the film announces
receive its premiere in Ireland and will be available nationally in the 28 th
Dec. My guess is that for anyone who has an elderly relative
to catch up with over the Christmas period, and wants to take out, then
movie.They will see this and love that you could get hooked .
The hearing yesterday was obviously.
I must hand, Lord Attenborough who is an attempt by Chick Flick
pace with the times. Can anyone else attract the level of talent in
film: Christopher Plummer, Shirley MacLaine, Neve Campbell, Mischa Barton
? The story has great promise. It opens with the funeral of a young woman
beloved daughter who is serving his praise
a church filled with veterans who knew and loved his father. Her mother, in
On the other hand, is sitting on the porch of the church, the consumption of snuff and a nursing

What develops from this story shows us a moment that this mother was
young, lively and upbeat. She is in love with a young farmer who
should go to war. Always at the street with two friends who are best buds
a guy can have.

The film is also interspersed with a story that takes place in Belfast
. You know that at some point, the film will have to weave
these two elements together. There are many light moments to offset the darker
experiences of love and loss during the war. Ethel Ann (Maclaine)
well loved and has always been loved but she is too self-involved to
I understand that she has used her own tragedies to mark
his relationship with his daughter (Campbell).

Some of the young actors of this talent are Canadians.
I hope that this movie gives them the exposure they need to keep doing
their way up the ladder of talent. David Alpay slings and arrows of
terrible as it is Allan Hawco. I wanted to see more of them and less than
Mischa Barton, whose wood is acting in the best of times.

In Toronto Film Festival selection yesterday, the projector has a
hiccups during sowing. Stephen Ameller played Teddy won at the stage
and there was an impromptu Q & A to save the day. It is fascinating to hear how they
was launched and what kind of experience is an actor when working with
Richard Attenborough.

Download Closing the Ring
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