Dead Calm

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(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Dead CalmA married couple sail the Pacific Ocean to forget a tragic accident. After a month at sea, they sight a mysterious yacht and are boarded by its lone surviving crew member. When the husband discovers the yacht's terrible secret, the crewman goes wild, kidnapping his wife and taking his ship. Terror on the high seas is center stage as the husband fights to keep the mystery yacht afloat and his wife battles the psychotic who's assumed control of their ship.


Nicole Kidman as Rae Ingram
Sam Neill as John Ingram
Billy Zane as Hughie Warriner
Rod Mullinar as Russell Bellows
Joshua Tilden as Danny
George Shevtsov as Doctor
Michael Long as Specialist Doctor
Lisa Collins as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
Paula Hudson-Brinkley as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
Sharon Cook as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
Malinda Rutter as 'Orpheus' Cruise Girl
Phillip Noyce

I really felt suspended over Dead Calm. Sam Neill as the Everyman
and Nicole Kidman as his wife were recovering completely credible as
grieving parents taking a vacation to spend his last dramas. Billy Zane as the
disrupted third round (see Titanic, head above water) in relation
was also very effective in his role. The suspense is in everything and basa
leads to a climax very memorable. Recommended, 7 / 10.
Dead Calm is one of those rare thrillers with a good performance, order and
large establishment. The ocean setting really makes this film as well as 2
boats. Kidman is a realistic vision and resources of character and because the film had only 3
main characters all along the movie, you go through the
same emotions of the actors in making the film. The end seemed tacks, but
because the whole film is so good, the ending does not hurt nor help
film. Good pace, acted and generally a great movie. 9 / 10

Download Dead Calm
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