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Download Movie FactotumThis drama centers on Hank Chinaski, the fictional alter-ego of "Factotum" author Charles Bukowski, who wanders around Los Angeles, CA trying to live off jobs which don't interfere with his primary interest, which is writing. Along the way, he fends off the distractions offered by women, drinking and gambling.


Matt Dillon as Henry Chinaski
Lili Taylor as Jan
Marisa Tomei as Laura
Fisher Stevens as Manny
Didier Flamand as Pierre
Adrienne Shelly as Jerry
Karen Young as Grace
Thomas Lyons as Tony Endicott
Dean Brewington as Old Black Man
James Cada as Bald Man
James Michael Detmar as Smithson
Kurt Schweickhardt as Ice Plant Supervisor
Dee Noah as Hank's Mother
James Noah as Hank's Father
Michael Egan as Taxi Office Clerk
Bent Hamer

As Barfly is one of my favorite movies of all time, I was very interested in seeing how
Matt Dillon would take over the reigns
Chinaski. At first it was a little disconcerting because it plays Dillon
almost polar opposite of what he did Rourke. While Rourke
out there, Dillon was very quiet, but in a hilarious, Jim Jarmusch kind of way
. A scene that is so indicative of the writer
wanting to be left alone is when coworker is awaiting reunion Chinaski, and
the meeting is full of silence.

Matt Dillon has become a great player and I am delighted to be nominated for
Crash, and I would like to see him nominated for this
too. Marisa Tomei and Lili Taylor were also wonderful. There are two
scenes that are taken directly from Barfly, which is also interesting to see
. Any fan of Bukowski work is to see this excellent film
'A man or woman of all work "is what Matt Dillon is out there
in this adaptation of Bukowski stories. Bent Hamer directed in this
bright and peculiar story of a man who walks through life
doing odd jobs to finance their alcohol, gambling and womanising habits.

Henry Chinaski is made real by the always brilliant Matt Dillon. This
really is no surprise that the former Hollywood pin-up
embodies the part so well because its sophisticated mix of sleaze and slack mind fresh
have made him famous actor he is. From "The Edge" in 1979, the award winning
'Drugstore Cowboy' and his recent role as police scars
'Crash', Dillon really has the ability to expose the flaws of men and
to run a bar with them.

The film is set lengthwise from various writings and Bukowski continues
Chinaski (his alter-ego) around the city for drinks from one job to another occasionally < br> taking the time to get fired and get established. Lily Taylor and Marisa Tomei play two of Chinaski
bed-friends with the same conviction and sleaze.

This is not your usual movie in terms of subject matter and execution.
We need a Norwegian director, actors and committed a fantastic performance
Dillon leaving a story that really is both a tribute to
Bukowski, but also a bold attempt to offer something different
, a word that is not accepted in today's Hollywood run
industry. (Hence some of the finances from Japan).

Since our introduction to Chinaski routines of work and get
drinking, after losing work and drinking to see what is essentially
a horrible man (his treatment of women, its disrespect for
anything) that are never really meant that like him. So why? It is not only in the aspect
square jaw or lead (Bukowski was the complete opposite
), or his fantastic sense of humor charm, but what is below the
eyes. Dillon has always been able to pull likable.
In this case, we do because it's fun and because we have a small idea of reasoning
background why this man is so talented and yet so flawed.
(The real Bukowski suffered a tough childhood and family Chinaski is
only refers to a hilarious scene of beef and donkey
and see what I mean…).

Bent Hamer has achieved quite a feat standard in European
film-making traditions of light comedy with black Undertones
outside the normal rules of training into three parts. This story could have started
anywhere, anywhere in ending this man's life as
selling point is simply having Dillon on the screen as this character-that is the

Bukowski was a genius who stuck with their loose morals on his back
society. It is worth noting that he held on work for long periods,
one for 12 years while doing what he did best, drinking and gambling
but the only time it really was engaged when he was written
for observation, search for financing that is, work or a woman needs to drink from friends. Subsequently
has published works, hung around with Sean Penn (also
considered for the role) and U2 dedicated a song to him.

The cast and crew have created a delicious sweet film that is both funny and dark
. The performances are as authentic as always with a
mention goes to Lily Taylor's career best performance. This film is a
Jack of all trades and seems to have mastered a new
with the tone and atmosphere perfect for establishing the mirror and dirty LA Bukowski
became part of.

Download Factotum
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