In the Cold of the Night

Download In the Cold of the Night
(drama, horror, thriller)
Download Movie In the Cold of the NightScott is a fashion photographer concerned about the sudden appearance of nightmares in his nightly dreams. In these, he seems to be involved in the murder of a beautiful young woman. When he actually meets this dreamwoman in reality, he begins to suspect that something strange must be responsible. As he attempts to solve the enigma of his troubling dreams, he is falling deeply in love with the mysterious woman. In the end, he uncovers a diabolical and sinister plot....


Jeff Lester as Scott Bruin
Adrienne Sachs as Kimberly Shawn
Marc Singer as Ken Strom
Brian Thompson as Phil
Shannon Tweed as Lena
John Beck as Rudy
Tippi Hedren as Clara
David Soul as Dr. Frieberg
Jack Kehler as Wino
Stuart Bird as Biker
Karin Keller as Business Woman
Paul Beltz as Biker 2
Robin Carlson as Model 1
Tammy Hanson as Model 2
Shelley Michelle as Model 3
Nico Mastorakis

This is a stain erotic thriller with an interesting plot, long sex scenes

that will appeal to men and women, and some amusing references to
Brian De Palma and Hitchcock "The Birds." Although the swamps
a bit in the middle, and has some atrocious dialogue, is still one of
Mastorakis' best efforts (of the few I've seen). And he
might be even better if the two main actresses had switched roles, with
Shannon Tweed is the mysterious femme fatale instead, and Adrienne
obtain the support of party thankless. (** 1 / 2)

Download In the Cold of the Night
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