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Download Movie Flash PointMa Jun, a cop known for dispensing justice during arrests, teams with Hua Sheng, who's undercover, to try to bring down three merciless Vietnamese brothers running a smuggling ring in the months before the mainland's takeover of Hong Kong. The eldest, Xian Wei Cha (called Zah), is arrested in an operation that exposes Sheng and almost gets him killed. His girlfriend, Qiu Di, who's been unaware of Sheng's profession, wants to see him quit. Jun pursues the gang tirelessly, sometimes ignoring police protocols. Zah's trial approaches, witnesses are in danger, and a showdown is inevitable.


Donnie Yen as Det. Sgt. Ma Jun
Louis Koo as Wilson
Collin Chou as Tony
Ray Lui as Archer Sin
Kent Cheng as Inspector Wong
Yu Xing as Tiger
Ben Lam as Sam
Austin Wai as Four Eyes
Wai Ai as Hero
Chi Wai Wong as Baldy
Aaron Leung as Deco
Kenji Tanigaki as Tony's Underling #1
Yu Kang as Tony's Underling #2
Damian Green as Boxer
Damon Howe as Boxer


This was a real surprise as a rainy day in the only Chinese film
left in Sydney, i think only came into the city market for some yum cha
and has a lot more than i negotiated.

A fantastic roller coaster ride of a movie, OK for the long journey to slow
the top so that it can be intimidating for people with ADD or high blood pressure
But the level of sugar in your insurance worth once they get there. Intense
satisfying action shooting everything possible angle and still full of spontaneous
Verite energy unmatched by any Hollywood movie i have
.. ever seen.

His innovative style, while a little light on the plot or dialogue (OK so I am stuck with subtitles
that obviously losing something in translation) exceeds
pretentiousness any allegations that might be leveled at a
similar batch of films. The raw energy of the film leak in every scene and yet
However explodes on the screen when the action finally
ramps. Given the violent nature of the film many of the actual murder
is suggested instead of playing in Technicolor
umpteen angles, but the experience every kick and punch as if
flying our way.

OK the story is certainly about as engrossing as 300 or a bunch of other movies
HK police, IE runs on a primitive level deeper than mere plot twists or any
subtext complicated. No, its all about man versus
what he sees as injustice and occasionally about a friendship. Although most of its
about the battle for the right What even though they were not entirely clear
sometimes at the end you know that the good guys and are manipulated as
as you might you feel you are rooting for them all the way.

OK I am running out of superlatives and metaphors .. Now
just go out and see if you like a good old school bash popcorn and can handle some
underestimated Buddy semantics.
Forget the plot! While there is no harm that is present only to establish
mood! Do not accept a set of hours however! So you have to endure
it! But believe me it will be worth waiting! When the real action
you become a pleasure for! Intense Donnie Yen show their
wonderful mix of wushu and Jujitsu! His use of martial arts in this
the film makes no sense! It is realistic and practical! It's called
mixed martial arts! (Read interview with Donnie Yen, use Google:
article Donnie Yen Flash Point in combat.) This new kind of war
arts offers different possibilities and refreshing to the genre! And
seen on the big screen! If not (no matter how practical)
was unwilling to accept this style! The final fight between Donnie and Colin
is what the fight between Sammo Hung and Donnie should have been in
"SPL"! This shows that Donnie is always learning and wanting to improve
himself! I can not even imagine what Donnie next movie "Painted Skin"
once again directed by Wilson Yip would be like! This duet gold
must continue to do films together! Compared with previous films ( "SPL"
and "Dragon Tiger Gate" by Wilson Yip and Donnie) "Flashpoint" is
the best of the bunch!

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