Grindstone Road

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(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Grindstone RoadA young mother becomes stricken by guilt after an accident leaves her son in a coma. Moving to a house in the countryside, she tries to resume a normal life with her husband, but soon beginsobserving supernatural events taking place all around her.


Walter Learning as Ted
Greg Bryk as Graham


Bad writing, bad direction, bad editing, evil act. It has it all.
Frankly, I like a good low-budget feature, but I can not tolerate a
strung-together series of scenes more cliches imaginable. Errante
in a dark basement alone at night? Make-you-leap loud sounds, instead
afraid of truth? A husband that his wife no cree stressed out? The ol
"disappearing" bad water "routine? And that only
in the first thirty minutes.

And, what with the fade-to-black between scenes? This is amateur and

The whole dress is awful. It draws attention to itself in almost every location

Frankly, I could not finish the film. A script supervisor "
position is clearly not the best experience of leadership, just as a" sound editor
"most likely has no business jumping in writing screenplays.

There is a reason this time was lost directly to video, although I suppose
that was the intention from the outset.
Road grinding sculpture is one of those forgettable but not entirely bad flicks
history of ghosts that are about a penny a dozen. I say "ghost story"
instead of "horror" because I do not think there is anything from anybody
find even remotely fear going on here, but still manages to worm
is how most of the people would consider a horror movie. Hey ...
can happen if the messengers as a horror movie then the sky is wide open

The film starts with our protagonist Hannah (Balk) have a flashback
a car accident that left his son in a coma. Now you may be tempted to think
the accident is why Balk look so clumsy
throughout the rest of the film, but then you remember that she's always looked that way.
I swear, it appears that someone hacked a tennis ball in his mouth and
just leave it there. It's really limit distraction. Ugh.
Oh ... and a side note ... when going to visit her son in the plant
hospital is probably bad form to bring high-heeled boots Hooker.
Kinda makes you see not as if that really matters. Just a thought.
Anyway ... passing.

After becoming painfully aware of the film sub-(
the accident and that drama) across too many flashback sequences, we see
Balk and her husband to leave the country to start again ...
which seems strange because her son is not really dead, he is only comatose. Way to be
great parents. Long story short plays tricks the new house in Hannah's mind
(but its only a predictable ...) and her husband began to think she
until all nuts are reflected in an end so anti-climatic and
of left field you wonder what the hell the last
hour and twenty minutes. I mean, that all together and the bonds that saw him coming,
but still seems pretty lame and off-topic.

The cast is not bad and the director does a good job of making the house
as creepy as possible, but the movie never really gets to where it wants to go
. Or maybe you do and I simply do not care. Anyway I
say this is a good bet if you have nothing better to do / see.
Could not be a bad way to lose on Sunday afternoon. Moreover, it can be said
a lot of films that are not very good.

Download Grindstone Road
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