The Human Stain

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(drama, romance, thriller)
Download Movie The Human StainThe Human Stain is the story of Coleman Silk (Hopkins), a classics professor with a terrible secret that is about to shatter his life in a small New England town. When his affair with a young troubled janitor (Kidman) is uncovered, the secret Silk had harbored for over fifty years from his wife, his children and colleague, writer Nathan Zuckerman, fast explodes in a conflagration of devastating consequences. It is Zuckerman who stumbles upon Silk's secret and sets out to reconstruct the unknown biography of this eminent, upright man, esteemed as an educator for nearly all his life, and to understand how this ingeniously contrived life came unraveled.


Anthony Hopkins as Coleman Silk
Nicole Kidman as Faunia Farley
Ed Harris as Lester Farley
Gary Sinise as Nathan Zuckerman
Wentworth Miller as Young Coleman Silk
Jacinda Barrett as Steena Paulsson
Harry J. Lennix as Mr. Silk
Clark Gregg as Nelson Primus
Anna Deavere Smith as Mrs. Silk
Lizan Mitchell as Ernestine
Kerry Washington as Ellie
Phyllis Newman as Iris Silk
Margo Martindale as Psychologist
Ron Canada as Herb Kebble
Mili Avital as Young Iris
Robert Benton

I am terrifically surprised at all the media review for this movie,
to the point where I feel I have to echo recent comments
are in the opposition.

This is a film that only makes it right. Unlike so many other tragedies
with heavyweight cast, this really feels as though he were about history,
not work. Kidman, in addition to falling into his native accent in a
handful of words, it's fantastic - perhaps her very best. Harris, like
Streep and perhaps two or three other players, brings a real humanity to a
role than any other actor who has just filled.

But above all, everything is in the background, and thus subject to
history. The superb lighting, scenery, dialogue - all the boats
of the film is the way it is supposed to do, the evil
fund. He says that everyone, I think the real reason this movie is
slighted because it is a bit too good for the average viewer. This
not live up to their idea of what a lit-cum-drama is supposed to feel like
. Only I have the feeling that in several years, this review will be
and appreciates much more. Now, I will go see it
This has just opened in Lawrence, KS, a university town in the theater that shows
Indian and foreign films. Maybe Miramax is the hope of a "Big Fat Greek Wedding
" kind of reaction?

I have not read the book but, for me, it was a very satisfying film, with some
review of a number of issues: the costs of a person crossing and black
become white - and / or price to any person
become disconnected from their families. Despite the disconnection can give greater freedom
somehow, in others it forms an uncomfortable prison.
Another issue that could be described as an alternative to, "he who is without sin cast the first stone
. "And yet another is that the" stain "that we all carry
also stains others with whom they come into contact. And perhaps there is a dear price
(and reward?) That can be paid by the following heart and not too
that head?

Really solid performance of some major players - Hopkins, Kidman, Harris -
and others. Some

free nudity is injected, perhaps to help ticket sales? but
is not very distant history.

All appropriate background (I grew up in Vermont and lived in the academic world) and
landscape and Volvo, plus the teacher's house had a real feel

Download Human Stain, The
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