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Download Movie StatesideA love story about two imperfect teenagers who find perfect love. The film follows the story of two teenagers from different worlds—Mark Deloach and Dori Lawrence—as their lives quickly spiral out of control. The rebellious but privileged Mark delves into dangerous antics resulting in a nearly fatal drunk driving accident, and Dori Lawrence, a wild actress and singer slowly loses touch with reality as she suffers from schizophrenia. Forced to straighten out their lives, Mark is sent to join the Marines and Dori is admitted into a mental hospital. In the midst of life's chaos, Mark and Dori are drawn to each other, recognizing their mutual desperation for love and understanding. Despite pressure from both their friends and family to keep their distance, they maintain their bond. While they fail to fix what's broken in each of their lives, they find comfort in each other's faults and have faith that their unconditional love will eventually heal their deep seeded wounds.


Rachael Leigh Cook as Dori Lawrence
Jonathan Tucker as Mark Deloach
Agnes Bruckner as Sue "of the Dubervilles" Dubois
Val Kilmer as Staff Sergeant Skeer
Joe Mantegna as Gil Deloach
Carrie Fisher as Mrs. Dubois
Diane Venora as Mrs. Hengen
Ed Begley Jr. as Father Concoff
Michael Goduti as Gregory Tripodi
Daniel Franzese as Danny Tripodi
Paul Le Mat as Dori's Internist
Bridget Barkan as Francine
Billy Lush as Nando
Brian Geraghty as Chris
Joanne Pankow as Sister Olga
Reverge Anselmo

Having shared many conversations with Reverge Anselmo, I found him honorable
be the person depicted in this wonderful film based on a
time in his life. Both he and his film deserves high praise. With
"Stateside" R. Anselmo leads to an intimate audience with the history
ring of universal truth. Jonathan Tucker captures what I imagine the young
be Anselmo, a young man of honour who grew up being an honorable
adult. I look forward to future films
this talented writer / director, who presents a view of its interior with
each project and will meet with continued success
telling stories that resonate with audiences.
My biggest problem with the film is Val Kilmer playing a table
Marine Drill Instructor .... as a former Marine enlisted, not buy a
minute. So the question because this is basically a crazy love story
... Why waste so much time in the Marine Corps Boot Camp,
probably because there was not much of a love story. Joe Mantanga had wasted a
role ... Hell, what role. The director must have known a lot of
favors to get so many names to do so shortly. Oh, the music was
... I think uniforms and interests me. Also,
that could not have a little summary at the end of the film (as is
based on a true story) of what happened to Mori?

Download Stateside
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