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(comedy, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie Little NickyLittle Nicky is "daddy's little girl" in Hell. He's the son of Satan, who got the job from HIS father, Lucifer. Satan wants to retire, but none of his sons are good enough for the job. There's Cassius, who's big and strong, but lacks the 'goodness' to make the job real. There's Adrian, who while really hot (no pun intended) and smart, has no goodness at all. Then there's Nicky [Sandler] who, while having good, lacks any evil whatsoever. As seen in the previews, he is told to release his evil. He needs to release it to save his dad. Cassius and Adrain leave Hell, thereby freezing the wall of fire that lets the damned souls into Hell. Since no souls can come in now, Satan starts to die. It's up to Little Nicky to go and get his brothers, putting them into a flask and bringing them back to Hell at the exact same time to save Satan from decomposition. If Nicky 'dies' on Earth, he will be able to get through the frozen wall and back up to Earth. The catch is that he has only a week, and that Adrian and Cassius are MUCH more powerful than he is.


Adam Sandler as Nicky
Patricia Arquette as Valerie Veran
Harvey Keitel as Satan
Rhys Ifans as Adrian
Tom 'Tiny' Lister Jr. as Cassius
Rodney Dangerfield as Lucifer
Allen Covert as Todd
Peter Dante as Peter
Jonathan Loughran as John
Robert Smigel as Mr. Beefy
Reese Witherspoon as Angel Holly
Kevin Nealon as Gatekeeper/'Tit-Head'
Dana Carvey as Whitey the Referee
Jon Lovitz as Peeper
Carl Weathers as Chubbs Peterson
Steven Brill

Ever heard of a film that is supposed to be the tip of one sort or another
not living up to its billing? Little Nicky is one of those films
. Toasting his release as one of the worst films of all time
Little Nicky turns out to be a comedy well. In reality this is the kind of film
that has all the ingredients to be a screamingly funny comedy, but
somehow things do not work.

Nicky, the son of the devil and an angel is sent to make their way in the world
, while one of his many brothers tries to take the throne of Hell
his father. Casting all Harvey Keitel to Rodney Dangerfield
this is a movie that falls within the universe Adam Sandler as several of the characters
some of his other films appear. It's a movie star that alone should be able
work, but never catches fire. Insurance that there are laughs, but throughout the
nothing ever hangs to form a complete video. I've seen the film several times
and can not figure out what went wrong. Even Adam Sandler as Nicky, one of the worst
portraits on the screen history, is not the reason that this does not work
. There is something else, some other reason.

Even so its value to see if you like good comedies. Never
scales heights of their ideas and say they should get bit. If you try it and see if your
for you certainly could do worse.

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