Ghost Ship

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(adventure, horror, thriller)
Download Movie Ghost ShipAfter discovering a passenger ship missing since 1962 floating adrift on the Bering Sea, salvagers claim the vessel as their own. Once they begin towing the ghost ship towards harbor, a series of bizarre ocurrences happen and the group becomes trapped inside the ship, which they soon learn is inhabited by a demonic creature.


Gabriel Byrne as Captain Sean Murphy
Julianna Margulies as Maureen Epps
Ron Eldard as Dodge
Desmond Harrington as Jack Ferriman
Isaiah Washington as Greer
Alex Dimitriades as Santos
Karl Urban as Munder
Emily Browning as Katie Harwood
Francesca Rettondini as Francesca
Boris Brkic as Chief Steward
Bob Ruggiero as Captain
Iain Gardiner as Purser
Adam Bieshaar as First Officer
Cameron Watt as Second Officer
Jamie Giddens as Friendly Officer
Steve Beck

Spoiler Alert!
I love Dark Castle Entertainment, I do not like 13 Ghosts, but what I really

House to enjoy Haunted Hill. I loved the original HoHH, and I thought that the
'remake' was inventive and has some unique pieces to it. It is not
brilliant, but
special effects were beautiful and the sets were magnificent. As

technical student studying theater everything from management to

stage lighting design of these films are wonderful exercise in how to create
atmosphere through lighting, sound and fit.

Okay so the film was not worthy of Oscar, especially well written or
particularly well acted, but create an atmosphere that did give us a sense of
set and was ... And everything, everything was in
exuberant detail.

The special effects team has done its homework. During the opening scene

where are all cut by the high-tension cable, not just gory and

creepy, but requires a degree. The lighting effects with the

light reflecting off water, leakage and sounds soundtrack is all


would like to see this movie again, but only openness and middle
where Katie leads on a journey through what happened. I enjoyed the film

and that all movies are really - enjoyment. The history of substance here is
Erri and disturbing, there was a clear sense of panic here;
made me think about how vulnerable you are travelling on board a ship,
completely put their fate in the hands of total foreigners.

Much more could have made the film though. Over the

exploration vessel, the discovery of more bodies or something to alert people

something is not quite right about this ship. More background on the history of gold!
dead captain told the captain who saved live gold
a sinking ship, more background was needed.

After seeing the film has left me with a feeling of wanting to know
happened, rather than what * is going to happen next.

Kudos for the team of special effects, possibly the first time I've felt sick
watching a movie. You knew what was going to spend the camera

tension cable, but I was not quite expecting! Also kudos to
actors who play the ill-fated passengers, especially girls
and the dead captain!

I give this movie at least 5.5 out of ten, did what was proposed
do -
entertain me and that's good enough for me:)
I would recommend this movie. Great idea, terrible script,
fantastic special effects and art direction / and editing, wasted cast, and a truly excellent
final scene: this dichotomy! What we really should have done was
cut it down to about an hour (excluding almost every line uttered by the painful stereotype Latin
called Santos to start) and submit it as one of the
"limits" in episodes of cable. Then
would be a thrill ride from start to finish. Otherwise, drags where it should accelerate.
rental on DVD and fast-forward through the static parts.

Download Ghost Ship
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