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Download Movie National TreasureBenjamin Franklin Gates descends from a family of treasure-seekers who've all hunted for the same thing: a war chest hidden by the Founding Fathers after the Revolutionary War. Ben's close to discovering its whereabouts, as is his competition, but the FBI is also hip to the hunt.


Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates
Diane Kruger as Abigail Chase
Justin Bartha as Riley Poole
Sean Bean as Ian Howe
Jon Voight as Patrick Gates
Harvey Keitel as Sadusky
Christopher Plummer as John Adams Gates
David Dayan Fisher as Shaw
Stewart Finlay-McLennan as Powell
Oleg Taktarov as Shippen
Stephen A. Pope as Phil
Annie Parisse as Agent Dawes
Mark Pellegrino as Agent Johnson
Armando Riesco as Agent Hendricks
Erik King as Agent Colfax
Jon Turteltaub

Nick Cage is Gates, a treasure hunter (oh, pardon treasure ...
"protector", whatever that means) that is descended from a long line
treasure hunters. One of his ancestors had been given a clue to the whereabouts of
an enormous treasure that our founding fathers, most if not all
Freemasons, has decided to hide, because they simply do not want to finance their
independence all that bad.

The first idea that turns out to be a long-lost vessel
hidden in the Arctic. Gates and his crew, consisting of financier Ian (Sean Bean),
Movie Dork Riley (Justin Bartha of the immortal "Gigli") and a pair
face of lackeys, going into the cargo hold of the ship . Immediately
spill out tons of gunpowder all over the floor, not that this is
significant in any way. Finally are the track (
is a skeleton hanging over it) and that turns out to be a pipe with writing ... on it.
Order. Do not ask me to explain.

is an enigma, and despite the fact that their issue is clearly
Miff not find the real treasure, wanders around yammering
Gates himself on the meaning of the enigma in this frozen
cargo hold, while the crew is only around slack-jawed. I mean, come
ignition. Someone should have been a little vocal in their disappointment
comes all the way to the Arctic and freaking
not find anything interesting, but they are only there as Gates enters his own world,
solve the riddle .

The next track that turns out to be in the Declaration of Independence. Ian
decides to steal. Gates was dismayed. Several characters deliver
gratingly obvious exposure (get used to it). All this leads to Ian's lackey
pulling a firearm to Gates, and gunpowder goes off in a big explosion
. (oh, that's why we all spilled gunpowder! Huh!) Ian
and his henchmen make his escape, and Gates and film Dork Riley
walk nine miles in subzero temperatures to a Inuit people, to stop

To stop them, Gates concluded after trying the FBI and Super
archivist Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger), Gates and Riley is stealing.
Riley then said Gates in unbearable detail why they can not steal the Declaration
because it is so protected with metal and laser eye
and high-tech security, blah, blah. Gates said then that there
Riley a chance to steal the preservation of the room. Does Riley
know what the Board of preservation is, Gates calls? "A place where fazer jams and jellies? "I'm not joking, which is the royal line. Bartha
not deliver it as a joke, either. Therefore, Riley has all this research
about the Library of Congress and the Archives and water and sewer,
fercryinoutloud, but do not know the preservation of the room. This
more or less which indicates the level of this script is.

To make the rest of this short, Gates, in fact, done with the D
R, in a ridiculous break-in that could only happen in a movie. (
I also hate the way they represent the technology of computer monitor in the movies - full of unlikely and
bit graphics and fonts.) Abigail Chase
just tagging along convenience for the good, and as an apparent "love
interest" angle. At one point, the three of them within the
law, all discuss their plans really loudly in a clothing store,
surrounded by people.

a series of clues and the abduction of Gates father, played by a dyspeptic
Jon Voight, brings good and bad alike with a huge
Indiana Jones fun house located below the New York City. Strange that
meters builders never found this thing. Doors and gates high lead Ian
front of a wild goose persecution. Ian cree who are trapped in an impasse
and left there. However, after being transferred, Riley wondered how
going to leave. Gates ...

... Oh boy ...

... presses a button and a door opens. No, I'm serious. A button, like
they might have on a veal-flush toilet in an office building. Well
thing he knew it was. Anyway, after some more command-twiddling,
is this huge treasure room (remember, this is below
Manhattan!) Filled with all kinds of things historyish gold. Riley receives
to offer a line really stupid. Again. Officer FBI
forgives and Harvey Keitel, Sean Bean arrests, and allows the two less chemistry -
leads to marry.

For any spectator, I think it would be difficult to ignore all the exhibits,
leaps of logic, and the characters stereotyped for a long time.
Although some of his statement implies pleasant lessons of history
inserted in a conversation at random moments. I would like more talks
that in my life.
I went to see four films this week (birth, Incredible, Bridget, and it
, National Treasure).

National Treasury went to see the past, as was the worst rating

turned out to be the best four.

An excellent film, full of suspense, good acting, plot of
start to finish.

two thumbs down to the critics. We lost this are the same as always
of Riddick.

heart I recommend it to anyone.

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