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(action, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Ladder 49Under the watchful eye of his mentor Captain Mike Kennedy (Travolta), probationary firefighter Jack Morrison (Phoenix) matures into a seasoned veteran at a Baltimore fire station. Jack has reached a crossroads, however, as the sacrifices he's made have put him in harm's way innumerable times and significantly impacted his relationship with his wife and kids. Responding to the worst blaze in his career, he becomes trapped inside a 20-story building. And as he reflects on his life, now Assistant Chief Kennedy frantically coordinates the effort to save him.


Jay Hernandez as Keith Perez
Joaquin Phoenix as Jack Morrison
John Travolta as Captain Mike Kennedy
Jacinda Barrett as Linda Morrison
Morris Chestnut as Tommy Drake
Billy Burke as Dennis Gauquin
Balthazar Getty as Ray Gauquin
Tim Guinee as Tony Corrigan
Kevin Chapman as Frank Mckinny
Kevin Daniels as Don Miller
Steve Maye as Pete Lamb
Robert Patrick as Ed Reilly
Brooke Hamlin as Katie Morrison
Spencer Berglund as Nicky Morrison
Jay Russell

I am a firefighter in Holland and in fact
were a couple of surprises for me in the movie. If the film is accurate, the FD in the U.S.
is very different organisations. On the one hand, never entering a building
that is what without fire "high pressure" water.
Another thing that strikes me is the respiratory equipment. Ours is part
tight around the nose and mouth and you can not see the faces of others.
But in the movie is like they are using fishtanks. :-)

A stupid mistake in the film is when the girl rescue
have to reactivate. When leaving the building, was put on
a bed in his wheel and the ambulance ---> strange thing, where are the ambulances
GUYS ????? The start doing resuscitation in the ambulance as
is the most normal thing in the world.

Then there's the incident in which the boy is in the clouds. What the hell are
ago on the roof? No one was missing, and even if there were
never walk along the top of a burning building.

Besides all that, this is an entertaining film. But still not good enough
. Is it ever? Perhaps I am being critical.

I wish you all firefighters americas all the best. Cause you will need
taking into account the gear you use. The whole Europe is much more efficient!
Anyway, respect and best wishes for 2005.
It was thirteen years ago that Ron Howard's ode to firefighters affected
theaters compared with 1991's Backdraft. This was before Howard became
direct popular fare such as Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind. This is Kurt Russell
before imagined that could Captain Ron's a good idea, and
most importantly, this was before September 11, 2001.

To say that our impression firefighters had changed that day sounds,
well, awkward. Firefighters have always held in high regard. They
run into burning buildings, while the whole world is running out.
They put their lives on the line to save others. It is a value that most of us would like to think that we
, but few of us ever are placed in a position

On September 11, we have seen in the impressive buildings collapsed and 340
firefighters have been taken from us prematurely. Although the loss of lives that day
included thousands of innocents, warmed our heroes and
who contributed their efforts and bravado incredible return to our attention.
Immediately after the tragic events, it is not uncommon to see people
wave greetings to the firefighters or in the most remote regions of our country. In
CNN began to hear stories about the personal lives of these men. Their support
. Their sacrifices.

Not surprisingly, therefore, that our new energy
interest translated into big screen emotional powers. In 2002,
Anthony LaPaglia and Sigourney Weaver played a fireman and a writer for
prepare praise for the fallen in the attacks on boys. Now,
in 2004, red-hot John Travolta and Joaquin Pheonix have joined together to bring us the very effective
Ladder 49.

Ladder 49 begins with a fire at a large factory in Baltimore that several firefighters have
charged with the search for survivors and extinguish the threat

lead seasoned veteran Jack Morrison (Pheonix), firefighters were able
to rescue a worker helpless before the floor gives way to capture
Morrison inside the building hell. As Jack sets out there helpless
waiting for the rescue of his companions, who are sent back in time through the standard Hollywood
flashback to understand what brought his Jack
present danger. We see Jack as he enters the room
fire for the first time and meets Captain Mike Kennedy (John Travolta) who takes the new probie
under his wing and over the years developed a bond that includes
be there when Jack gets married, have children and steps in the shoes
a search and rescue of firefighters who perished when a roof gives way
during a routine fire. We learned how firefighters bonds, the manner in which
together and do not drink regularly and heavily when and how to lose a
of their own, the emotional impact on them and their families

Do not misunderstand me, above all theatrical, while the buildings were burning,
people were rescued from the skyscrapers and people are saved from what
would be pure if not death off by charging the brave souls of the premises
Fire Department. There is enough action to keep younger audiences
looking for the quick rush quite busy, while firefighters running around in tight shirts
to maintain transfixed women alike.

But is the story that sets this film apart from any other
firefighting film in memory. We get a good look at the lives of
men and a portrait of a young man learning the ropes and increasingly
within the culture and environment which can be loose and sometimes only
playful to become serious and fatal in the sound of a bell.
Director Jay Russell (My Dog Skip) packs an emotional punch that
not try to suck out the audience with an unexpected ending.
Instead, we see Jack getting caught up in the opening sequence and we can see the writing
quite on the wall before the tragic events
playing out before our eyes.

To all those who play attention to the growing star Pheonix, is the
supporting cast that really stands out within the confines of the 105
minute run time. Travolta seems comfortable playing a supporting role and
is effective and powerful in its image as Captain
for a period of firefighters efficiently. Also standing above the average fare is
Jacinda Barrett played Jacks wife. However, another beautiful Australian actress
, Barrett has the greatest burden in the film as the anchor that
wondered why her husband and father of their children risked their lives for others
doing case blind eye to their own welfare. She demonstrates both anxiety
and support for their understanding of their passion and their strength is
which gives the film its heart. To compare

Ladder 49 to Backdraft would be unfair. Backdraft
did little to reinforce our impression of the firefighting community while Ladder 49
shows them for what they deserve to be recognized as - the heroes who
the sound of an alarm are put in harm way to help others.

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