Phantom Force

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(horror, sci-fi)
Download Movie Phantom ForceThe Venture, an old Trident nuclear submarine, has picked up an ancient and powerful artifact called the Hades Stones off the ocean floor and brought it onboard. THE STONEKEEPER, guardian of the Hades Stones who is sinister and powerful, is intent on destroying the sub survivors and taking them back through the portal. The stonekeeper and his stone demons attack, killing the entire Venture crew. The portal inside the Hades Stones fills the sub with the accursed souls of the past. A distress signal goes out from the submarine. Then nothing, no further contact.

Jack Bavaro, head of Interceptor Force, realises the Hades Stone and its demons may have taken over the sub and simply destroying the submarine with a torpedo won't work. So now it's a battle at the bottom of the ocean for the Phantom Force to destroy the Hades Stone and save the world from never-ending evil.


Richard Grieco as Mark Dupree
Nigel Bennett as Jack Bavaro
Tangi Miller as Potts
Jim Fyfe as Cutler
Jenna Gering as Rebecca Weaver
Hristo Shopov as Commander Vukorov
Atanas Srebrev as Kyle Hudson
Tyrone Pinkham as Joe Murray
Christian McIntire

But someone Unified Film Organization (UFO)
have changed his mind after learning that Olivier Gruner was unavailable. Therefore,
changed the name to "Phantom Force." I have to admit: it is a lot catchier
"Ghostbusters The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea!" Here are mandatory

The opening prologue is reminiscent of Tia Carrere "Relic Hunter"
series, which looks like a 16 century sailing ships that were launched
about a storm. The greedy sea captain cree that the command can
cursed relic as easily as his crew; learns the hard way that just
bullcrap, and their boat goes down with all hands.

Enter Richard Grieco, a little psychological counter-terrorism.
He and his crew rescue a group of technicians in a chemical factory, after a
Cold War Russia. It is, however, that the gas was
terrorist group after it had already been abducted elsewhere; siege to the plant
has just produced a diversion! Therefore, Grieco's boss (played by Nigel Bennett,
of "Forever Knight" and "Psi Factor" fame) orders to do so by amending
going after a nuclear sub is literally , Become a ghost ship!

This is because the evil relic having been found and rescued by the
sub crew. Grieco and five others aboard the sub using mini-subs
modified to be as ghostly. And what follows, for the remainder
ninety minutes, is predictable. However, if still somewhat entertaining ...
you're stuck at home, in a boring Saturday night. However, I
this 2.3 stars.
I like good horror movies, especially ghost stories. From the previews,

seemed that this would be a good story with some decent special effects


was well ... but could not do much to push script.
The few who had special effects were good, but it could have been much more
of them.

The plot was mostly predictable. Although I can not in general
predict who lives and who dies, but I must admit that I was surprised that

Overall, I am very disappointed.

appeared that the pilot was a sci-fi series, which would not be
bad ... is a great premise.

Download Phantom Force
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