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(action, comedy, crime, thriller)
Download Movie Red HeatArnold Schwarzenegger plays a Russian policeman sent after a Russian drug dealer who has escaped to the United States and is awaiting extradition in Chicago. Jim Belushi plays his temporary partner on the Chicago police. When the drug dealer escapes, the two police must overcome their differences in order to recapture him.


Arnold Schwarzenegger as Capt. Ivan Danko
James Belushi as Det. Sgt. Art Ridzik
Peter Boyle as Cmdr. Lou Donnelly
Ed O'Ross as Viktor 'Rosta' Rostavili
Laurence Fishburne as Lt. Charlie Stobbs
Gina Gershon as Catherine 'Cat' Manzetti
Richard Bright as Det. Sgt. Gallagher
J.W. Smith as Salim
Brent Jennings as Abdul Elijah
Gretchen Palmer as Hooker
Pruitt Taylor Vince as Night Clerk
Michael G. Hagerty as Pat Nunn
Brion James as Streak
Gloria Delaney as Intern
Peter Jason as TV Announcer
Walter Hill
Walter Hill

My mom bought Red Heat on DVD a few weeks ago and he mentioned how much he loved
the film to me and that I should check it out. I had a
hour and a half to waste last night so I figured that would give the film
shot and I wonder why my mom is so in love with this movie as
is the best film of 80's. But I suppose that everybody has their different tastes
. See, I had absolutely no problem with Arnold, who made
everything that was supposed to do, but it is his chemistry with
Belushi, who does not really work since Belushi is more annoying than amusing
. Belushi only ruined the chemistry that could have been fazer this memorable buddy cop movie.

Ivan Russia is going to Chicago to find a villain who
in Russia is slowly becoming the next Miami. Well, Ivan must work with
Art Ridzik, a policeman from Chicago, where the villain is out. Together
must find ways to capture him, but the article will have a hard time
with the "iron jawed" soldier who likes to do things his way.
Not to mention Ivan with the article must stick by the book americas
police brutality.

Cross heat is not a bad movie, is seeing a fresco of the Gina Gershon
first roles in the film, she really did a decent job in the Red Heat, but
it was not surprising that it was a great afterwards. Arnold has done a good
as well as jobs, I loved how his monotonous lines, was great. However,
Belushi was that killed him just for me, no offense to Jim, but not
John, I recommend that only stays away from comedies.

5 / 10
It is a fun action comedy-and that's that! You can make all the arguments
you want. This is definitely not for the spectator who discerns. Maybe I'm just
easily satisfied by the buddy cop genre. Besides, I love Arnold Schwarzenegger
cinema in general. Its action scenes are always fun
clock, and he always seems to reach a wide line. In this case, he
jets a few lines dryly humorous as his stonefaced
Russian character. Jim Belushi provides most of the laughs, though, as his partner
unorthodox. Both do a good job, but Arnold's accent Russian
seems quite tense. Then again, as the film heats up, you
not really pay attention to details like that. Also ensure the beautiful
Gena Gershon in a prompt action. Those who are in the spirit of "Henry V"
definitely steer clear. Those in the mood sense of buddy cop
lint we have to keep you excited and laughter should check this movie.

My score: 7 (10)

Download Red Heat
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