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Download Movie Rocket ScienceComing of age in Plainsboro, New Jersey. High school student Hal Hefner stutters. On the evening his parents stop arguing and separate, 43 miles away at the state tournament, his school's legendary debater, Ben Wekselbaum, goes blank mid-sentence, Ben's teammate Ginny Ryerson doesn't get a first-place trophy, and the world changes. That fall, to Hal's amazement, Ginny recruits him for the debate team, mentors him, and will be his partner. He still has his stutter, but he works hard and he falls in love with Ginny. On the day of the first debate of the season, the world changes again. From then until the day of the state tournament, Hal has a lot to sort out. Is love rocket science?


Reece Thompson as Hal Hefner
Dionne Audain as Abraham Lincoln
Anna Kendrick as Ginny Ryerson
Nicholas D'Agosto as Ben Wekselbaum
Vincent Piazza as Earl Hefner
Margo Martindale as Coach Lumbly
Aaron Yoo as Heston
Josh Kay as Lewis Garrles
Steve Park as Judge Pete
Maury Ginsberg as Lewinsky
Utkarsh Ambudkar as Ram
Denis O'Hare as Doyle Hefner
Lisbeth Bartlett as Juliet Hefner
Candace Scholz as Townsend Prep Debater
Virginia Frank as English Teacher
Jeffrey Blitz

With another entry to the "age of majority," I was really pleasantly surprised to find
- if not an original - a deeply felt, honest image
trials of adolescence. The strongest aspect
were performances by the entire cast with Anna Kendrick and Vincent Square
that stand out. Of course, the great work of Reese Thompson
rewarded by the praise it deserves (and hopefully granted).

But this deeply personal film has many fine moments, painfully
both hysterically funny and revealing. Because it refuses to be predictable
- even in the final moments - I believe it will be over
other films of this genre. A well chosen Result maintains its character
becoming dated. Never glib toward a range "bent" characters, and
chooses to abandon the intelligent comments of the characters and not the film
. Despite the subject of repressed anger and expressed anger,
there is a sweetness that avoids the sentimental.

obvious Jeffery Blitz needed to tell this story. And I hope there will be many more
for us in the future.
For some, the joys of being a teenager include excellence in sport,
have a girlfriend or boyfriend, be part of a close circle of friends
, or just for fun. For others, there is only
the constant sensation of being an outsider looking in. For some, even the thought of leaving
bed in the morning to go to school is filled with dread.
Case in point - Hal Hefner, fifteen years of age attending
Plainsboro High School in New Jersey, which is trying to make sense of growing
but is the weight of a debilitating stutter so that can not say
worker in the cafeteria at school who want pizza instead of fish.
Rocket Science, the second feature by Jeffrey Blitz (Spellbound), which is
sobrepuso his own stuttering disability, is a teen comedy that
movingly captures the painful loneliness of adolescence.

Although Rocket Science on paper sounds like other films coming of age as
Election and Rushmore, succeeds in capturing
something unique and very special about being a teenager without having to depend on
grossness, stereotypes, or plausible situations. DesempeƱo brilliantly
Vancouver actor Reece Thompson, Hal the sweetness and innocence
is totally captivating and we identify with his pain and root for him
success. His family support, however, is practically non-existent. His brother Earl
(Vincent Piazza) is a compulsive thief and bully
calling him by the girls' names, her father has moved away from home and his mother
(Lizbeth Bartlett) Korean has a boyfriend, a judge for small claims,
(Steve Park) that unduly laughs and whose son Heston (Aaron
Yu), a bisexual, shows an unusual amount of interest in him.

Hal has a speech therapist, Mr Lewinsky (Maury Ginsberg), but he is so incompetent
that he says he wants Hal was hyperactive and therefore would know how to treat
he. Under these circumstances, the last place he wants to be
is in high school debating team, a collection of
driven, super-I trust the word wizards who can speak with authority
at a dizzying speed on both sides of an issue. Surprisingly, however, was hired by Hal
top debater Ginny Ryerson (Anna Kendrick) to be his partner
debate after his former partner Ben Wekselbaum (Nicholas D'
August) was the blank Last year in the championship game.

Ginny, a beautiful but too aggressive super student, said that Hal
"deformed people" make good competitors because they have so much to express anger
. Hal the first inclination is to say, but he is not so taken with Ginny
and flattered that someone could see any chance it
he accepts. Giving it the old high school try, he stumbles badly
both in the search for its romance and the debate on the topic of sexual abstinence
in high school, both in the fact that
often have to hide in the goalkeeper of the cabinet of shame. Mr

Lewinsky advises Hal to try singing the words of the debate for
tone of the Battle Hymn of the Republic, or speaking with a foreign accent
and makes it so hilarious effect . In part of revenge and
in part by desperation, which makes no debater Ben Wekselbaum,
now working in Trenton in a clean, to be his new partner after Ginny
transfers to a school different. The order was ripe for the great debate
in which all the pieces fit perfectly together Blitz
but does not go there. Instead se basa en la inner strength of character to see
through them, not in a contrived narrative.

Although there are some oddball characters predictably as Philosophy major
Lionel (Jonah Hill), Josh tiny (Garrles Lewis) who spies
Ginny for him (and her bra models he has stolen), and one older couple
practice that the Kama Sutra and the game Violent Femmes "Blister In The Sun
" duets in the cello and piano, Rocket Science has few false < br> notes. It is wise, honest, funny, poignant, sad and painfully with
Oscar caliber performances. It is not Rocket Science to figure out why
is the best film to date, 2007.

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