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Download Movie Rocket ScienceComing of age in Plainsboro, New Jersey. High school student Hal Hefner stutters. On the evening his parents stop arguing and separate, 43 miles away at the state tournament, his school's legendary debater, Ben Wekselbaum, goes blank mid-sentence, Ben's teammate Ginny Ryerson doesn't get a first-place trophy, and the world changes. That fall, to Hal's amazement, Ginny recruits him for the debate team, mentors him, and will be his partner. He still has his stutter, but he works hard and he falls in love with Ginny. On the day of the first debate of the season, the world changes again. From then until the day of the state tournament, Hal has a lot to sort out. Is love rocket science?


Reece Thompson as Hal Hefner
Dionne Audain as Abraham Lincoln
Anna Kendrick as Ginny Ryerson
Nicholas D'Agosto as Ben Wekselbaum
Vincent Piazza as Earl Hefner
Margo Martindale as Coach Lumbly
Aaron Yoo as Heston
Josh Kay as Lewis Garrles
Steve Park as Judge Pete
Maury Ginsberg as Lewinsky
Utkarsh Ambudkar as Ram
Denis O'Hare as Doyle Hefner
Lisbeth Bartlett as Juliet Hefner
Candace Scholz as Townsend Prep Debater
Virginia Frank as English Teacher
Jeffrey Blitz

One recent years the best scripts and a panel of return on natural
Reece Thompson assured until 2007 Rocket Science is as much
sleepers list. Unlike the Juno underestimated, Jeffrey Blitz stimulate
screenplay almost never rings hollow, despite some of these
High Schooler has been found that pregnant whippersnapper sound like a three-year old
. Here, however, as unrealistic as this hyper-articulate
high school debate team, indie-style romance dramedy feels,
Blitz has the rare ability to merge seamlessly with a lot of bids
Clumsiness and create something much better then a wit-fest.

encapsulate this neurotic your whim is the talent Thompson (between
very well caste performances) that as a young, more accessible
Jason Schwartzman, takes a disturbing feature of exploiting
stuttering discomfort and mines in a tender, reflective age of majority
characterization that should inspire even the most cynical of

plagued by scene after scene of a much simpler whim perceptive
then what Hollywood's continually dumb down the interpretation
independent film used to be, Rocket Science explosions with personality
and style to spare parts.
With another entry to the "age of majority," I was really pleasantly surprised to find
- if not an original - a deeply felt, honest image
trials of adolescence. The strongest aspect
were performances by the entire cast with Anna Kendrick and Vincent Square
that stand out. Of course, the great work of Reese Thompson
rewarded by the praise it deserves (and hopefully granted).

But this deeply personal film has many fine moments, painfully
both hysterically funny and revealing. Because it refuses to be predictable
- even in the final moments - I believe it will be over
other films of this genre. A well chosen Result maintains its character
becoming dated. Never glib toward a range "bent" characters, and
chooses to abandon the intelligent comments of the characters and not the film
. Despite the subject of repressed anger and expressed anger,
there is a sweetness that avoids the sentimental.

obvious Jeffery Blitz needed to tell this story. And I hope there will be many more
for us in the future.

Download Rocket Science
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