Then She Found Me

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(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie Then She Found MeA New York schoolteacher (Hunt) hits a midlife crisis when, in quick succession, her husband leaves, her adoptive mother dies and her real one, an eccentric talk show host, materializes and turns her life upside down as she (April) begins a courtship with the father (Firth) of one of her students.


Helen Hunt as April Epner
Colin Firth as Frank
Bette Midler as Bernice Graves
Matthew Broderick as Ben
Lynn Cohen as Trudy
Ben Shenkman as Freddy
David Callegati as Gianni
Chris Chalk as Orderly
Brother Eden Douglas as Penthouse Benefit Guest
John Benjamin Hickey as Alan
Andy Miller as Limo Driver
Tommy Nelson as Jimmy Ray
Jonathan Roumie as Partygoer
Schuster Vance as Husband at PTA meeting
Florence Annequin as Production assistant
Helen Hunt

I just attended a screening of Then She Found Me. The film was
fantastic in many ways. Helen Hunt has done a great job as the producer, director and actor
. I love to laugh, and there were many amusing moments in the film
. The casting was really magnificent. Helen
cast the best actors for roles and they were great. Colin Firth is always excellent,
each film is in. In Then She Found Me, Colin was very funny, warm,
dramatic and very real. Helen developed their characters and gave them time to become
REAL. Bette Midler is perfect for this role. He
not been a fan of it so far. She has done a great job. One of the cooler
moments during the film was during a scene,
something happened and the general public all groaned at the same time. We
all in it together. We all bought in. All
care about what happened to the characters in the film and who were transferred. This film
not Predictably, there is no formula. It is refreshing.
I absolutely recommend this movie to everyone!
Consider April Epner poor, she married late in life to Ben, a man
to be emotionally unstable. April is the desire to become a mother
it consumes. She realizes his opportunity to conceive is almost zero after the
Ben leaves, what man is a mama's boy, if ever there was one. What is
April to do? As if that were not enough, April
receives a blow when his adoptive mother dies suddenly. She learns the hard way about
that his mother is real: a television hostess selfish. At the same time
of April, a schoolteacher, began seeing a single father,
Frank, who seems to be the perfect man for her. Is it too much for
From April to hope for some happiness in their lives? Looking at the past
frames of the film one realises that everything he wanted without doubt
comes true.

Helen Hunt, the director and co-adapter of the novel by Elinor Lipman,
do a good job with his first assignment behind the camera. After all,
Ms. Hunt has been behind the action for much of his life. She
shows that she has a voice to be considered, even if this effort does not satisfy
in its entirety.

Mrs Hunt, who appears as Helen, had the difficult task of being in two places
, something that even people with more experience have not been able to pull
. His April shows a strong individual who was born to be a
mother, but nature had a way of denying their desire. Matthew Broderick,
which is seen as Ben, the boyish man, makes an impression of what
this character to life. Colin Firth, a distinguished presence in any
films, plays Frank, the man who cares April. Even Bette Midler, who
April is the biological mother, shows restraint in a role that would have been wrong
played by someone else.

This film shows Helen Hunt debut in a dual capacity. Mrs Hunt
deserves another chance and could only hope for a good source material for
his next project.

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