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(horror, thriller)
Download Movie They WaitA couple (King and Chen) returns to North America for a family funeral, having lived in Shanghai, China for the previous six years. Soon after they arrive, their son Jamie (Oey) begins to see ghosts and suffer possession by one of the living dead, and it all ties in with the Chinese festival of Ghost Month, when the doors of hell supposedly open and angry spirits are given the chance to terrorize the living.


Terry Chen as Jason
Regan Oey as Sammy
Henry O as Pharmacist
Colin Foo as Raymond
Michael Biehn as O'Connell
Stephen Chang as Funeral Director
Vincent Tong as Young Xiang
Chang Tseng as Xiang
Paul Wu as Young Raymond


I have read some comments before the mixed look .. you need a little more
to please me as a horror movie buff. I felt the story was
innovative, the film had many scares without much of the blood

The main lead was good, but probably some nudity
have added more flavor to the movie. Good overall effort. Probably not
may have been more blood and gore in the film to save all
horror fans happy.

It was not as scared or as Grudge Ring, but is still reasonably good
absolutely not a waste of time. Its definitely worth seeing.

I would give it a 6.
Caught in this movie the first TIFF selection and I must say that
was exceptional! Imagine this: A truly original story for once
with a tie between Eastern and Western cultures and Chinese mythology and traditions
current (ie Ghost Month).

Excellent cinematography, action, special effects and a real fear
jump from your seat thrill ride. It's rare when a film comes to me now
days but this is incredibly dark and mysterious. Lot of a
screaming and spilled popcorn guaranteed! My wife has had nightmares
for the last week. So yes, I give it a full 10/10! This will be great,
facility as large as White Noise maybe even close to The Ring. This puts
Canada on the map to get Horror films safely. The best movie of this type
I've seen for years. Be sure to check out.

Download They Wait
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