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(crime, drama, romance, thriller)
Download Movie Summer of SamSpike Lee's take on the "Son of Sam" murders in New York City during the summer of 1977 centering on the residents of an Italian-American South Bronx neighborhood who live in fear and distrust of one another.


John Leguizamo as Vinny
Adrien Brody as Richie
Mira Sorvino as Dionna
Jennifer Esposito as Ruby
Michael Rispoli as Joey T
Saverio Guerra as Woodstock
Brian Tarantina as Bobby Del Fiore
Al Palagonia as Anthony
Ken Garito as Brian
Bebe Neuwirth as Gloria
Patti LuPone as Helen
Mike Starr as Eddie
Anthony LaPaglia as Detective Lou Petrocelli
Roger Guenveur Smith as Detective Curt Atwater
Ben Gazzara as Luigi
Spike Lee

Spike Lee's "Summer of Sam", like most of his films, emerge as a
intriguing, but, however, regrettable failure. Using as its background
the long hot summer of 1977, when the serial murderer known as the Son of Sam

held in New York City in the grip of terror, Lee spins a tale of drug abuse,
infidelity and violence among a group of Italians living in a Bronx neighborhood
. Unfortunately, Lee's meanders take on the subject that robs
of much of its dramatic potential like him finding a focal point that
forcing the audience to do so. Only occasionally is successful and that is when
focuses on the two lead characters: Vinny, whose
deep religious convictions and sincere devotion to his wife can not compel him to resist his womanizing
compulsions, and Dionne, but her long and beautiful
wife, who suspects and the infidelities of their struggle desperately to meet the strong
Vinny sexual needs, but faced with the barricade

her husband's strange misunderstanding about what exactly constitutes the
measure of marital relations. Vinny, particularly since the
struggles against the demons that plague him and the guilt they impose on him, suggests a
complexity of character that makes him a center to force this otherwise
an extensive history.

Unfortunately, many of the subsidiary characters, surrounding these two
to continue pulling us away from them, emerge as little more than ethnic and sexual
< br> stereotypes, from the neighborhood mob boss (Ben Gazarra) to the
loving father of drug dealer for punk rock to the iconoclastic local flames
"fairy". Not even strong performances by a game cast can infuse these

roles with depth and humanity needed to justify their inclusion in the

Stylistically, this movie is visually far less striking than previous
Lee works with less elaborate camerawork and only occasionally
almost subliminal cuts
fast (used to convey the memories) distracted. Lee should also have

avoided at all costs the temptation to cast himself as a news site
reporter. Egregiously Even more, why oh why Lee feel compelled to
view to the letter (via animatronics) the devil dog that Berkowitz
reportedly cited as the motivation of their crimes
reality barking out instructions to the crazed psychopath?

docudrama The risk is that these filmmakers will not be able to
match, in his narrative, forcing the nature of the actual events that are based on
. Lee movie is no exception, as for the murderer

is captured, the fiction part of the story resolves itself in a barrage of machine
"Ox Bow Incident" ; Melodramatics, barely credible, even for a
box characters as lacking in common sense, as these are. "Summer of Sam
" is notable for performances by John Leguizamo and Mira Sorvino in
the central role, your hard-banda sonora and bathed by his letter-perfect
recreation of a particular time in the recent history of americas. What
then, the film never really coheres into a satisfying whole.

At first it is quite difficult to see any connection with the history of all
of the film and the case of Son of Sam. There are flashes where we see
Sam doing his crimes. But then we see these people who have nothing to
With the case. We see sex and punk and disco. And mafia
vigilantes trying to figure out who is Son of Sam. But everything is related
predictive very little case.

At the end everything explodes, anger and fear caused by the murderer, and that
all clicks and shows that even thought that the film is filled with scenes unnecessary and
plot lines that do not go anywhere at all
not relate in the case.

"Summer of Sam" is a story about serial murderer what makes people
are not their victims. Sam is just the engine, which makes the wheels turn
in peoples heads. Vinny (John Leguizmo) sees Sam's
victims in a car and then gets scared unnecessarily, that if Sam is thinking
if he saw something. Vinny is also driven by guilt trap
his wife Dionne (Mira Sorvino). Richie (adrin Brody) is a punk rocker, who just wants
get away with his girlfriend Ruby (Jennifer Esposito
) and become a true rocker. But as he is too different from
others, who are vigilant in the discotheque and things are beginning to think that
Richie is Sam.

SOS does not let you go easily, it is necessary to see to the end, because
is very different from all other movies serial murderer. Even
I thought that revolves around the murders, is about things that most
that. It is about people and their feelings. It's just that sometimes the
film drags and has too much of things besides go to the point.

But if he can go on the points you received a good movie.
Well worth watching.

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