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(action, crime, thriller)
Download Movie TorqueBiker Cary Ford is framed by an old rival and biker gang leader for the murder of another gang member who happens to be the brother of Trey (Ice Cube), leader of the most feared biker gang in the country. Ford is now on the run trying to clear his name from the murder with Trey and his gang looking for his blood.


John Ashker as Yellow Car Driver
Max Beesley as Luther
Dane Cook as Neil Luff
Ice Cube as Trey
John Doe as Sheriff Barnes
Gichi Gamba as Nomo
Lance Gilbert as 18 Wheeler Driver
Martin Henderson as Ford
Jay Hernandez as Dalton
Will Yun Lee as Val
Faizon Love as Sonny
Justina Machado as Henderson
Monet Mazur as Shane
Hayden McFarland as Ko
Christina Milian as Nina
Joseph Kahn

In considering the incredible annoying House of the Dead, I wrote, "Why
flirting with the concept of excess when you can do is say," whose
your dad? "Torque not flirt with excess; Torque * *
dad is excessive, and it was fun.

only a few hours before I saw Scary Movie 3 and barely managed to assemble a film
me chuckle. Par had me in stitches
before the first sixty seconds left. After years of seeing "serious" movies with
ridiculously over the top pursue sequences (especially
lately), finally, a movie comes along and puts everyone in their place.
I've waited a long time for a movie career-to recognize their own
limp and just (knowingly) to go all over-the-top stunts that
could possibly gather in a little plot connecting on a bunch of misfits
stereotypical nobody really cares.

As indicated above, the key is the fact that this movie is not taken into
seriously. Take for example the MTV quick-cut editing style commercial,
because they are too colorful sets and props in the comic-book-ish
camera angles, the excess CG impossible for camera / bike moves, and
lighting that left the high-contrast shadows in mid-day. Want more?
How 'bout when a bicycle speeds past a road sign, so we make a Looney
Toonsesque-spin, and if you look carefully you can see the expression' Cars
Suck? "Everything

perfectly matched the goal set for this film to hit that
is basically a tongue-in-cheek XBox game in the silver screen to
comments on the characters and the plot seems almost futile.
Is about as developed as most action films with characters and plot serve
enough goal to get the sequence of bicycles scene a hunting scene B
while poking fun at characters / lines other racing movies.
No more, no less.

I personally Torque beings. I recommend to friends, relatives or
-Joe Shmoe who happens to pass by me in the video store? Well. . .
for those who see films with an eye anal and noting, "This is not a
logical plot point. That defies the laws of physics. That is the only
The most stupid thing I have seen in the movies? "Heck no. Even
pick up the box. However, for those who can watch a movie where the comedy lies not in
punch lines and not in style - this is a film
celebration of all things in all the lame film of excess hunting glorified
scenes? Have a blast and join Torque with the mockery of the genre.
if only cut say 'bitch' a couple of times I would give it a ten.
the plot is shakespearian. dialogue is really corny but the film
mocks his own dialog across the relationship between 2
lead characters. The FBI issued by cop is incredibly what his kick at his side.
he is like some Starbucks sarcastic teenager who won a hummer
for his birthday.

visuals, however, are what make this movie.
that are absolutely insane. even with the parent and all the other films, like him,
visuals in this film are still quite something to see.
changes that have unusual angle, strange lighting, atmospheric effects, zooms,
low angles of motorcycle sequences, and so there are a large number of times a
0.5 seconds framework is injected into a really
is quite strange that surprising, as when a woman pulls the trigger in explosives,
or when the driver turns on a bicycle until his knife in slow motion and catch
. shooting bucket of ice in search 'ford' through train
is also quite surprising.

acrobatics are incredible ... product placement is more comprehensive
the top and obviously in a really silly way, but somehow it fits with the
movie, because the film is on the top in a way really too silly . and
motorcyclers and riders actually have corporate logos pasted all over their bodies
so it does not seem ridiculous.

evil woman reminds me of a Disney villain
Cinderella or something. if you stop trying to analyze all the while just
could have a merry good time eating popcorn as you see explosions
and motorbikes flying across the screen.

Download Torque
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