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Download Movie What Love IsTom plans to surprise Sara with an engagement ring, and he's asked his four best friends to witness the popping of the question at his place on Valentine's night. Trouble is Sara's left him a "Dear John" letter and will be by soon for her suitcases; plus, thinking it's a party, Tom's friend Sal has invited five women who were at his bar to come too. First the men talk - about women, sex, love, and homophobia (Tom's pals include a happily married guy, a gay man newly engaged, a metrosexual, and Sal, an inveterate player). Then the women arrive and argue in the loo about men and sex before joining the boys for talk, alcohol, and hookups. But what of Sara, and what of love?


Cuba Gooding Jr. as Tom
Sean Astin as George
Matthew Lillard as Sal
Mars Callahan as Ken
Anne Heche as Laura
Gina Gershon as Rachel
Tamala Jones as Katherine
Andrew Daly as Wayne
Terrence 'T.C.' Carson as Kwame
Shiri Appleby as Debbie
Jud Tylor as Amy
Victoria Pratt as Sara
Gillian Shure as Karen
Johnny Drocco as Delta groove bar patron
Greg Fellows as Bar patron
Mars Callahan

When it came into consideration for this movie I expected nothing else
that a love of comedy aimed at couples probably too busy to have fun
see the film. When I left I felt as if I sat through a scenario where
impressive performance dialogue is the driving force,

Now perhaps some may snicker at the thought of seeing a stage play
when the film can be seen only in one stage. But this I say is that
the beauty and benefits of using the film medium come in. Closeups
and careful editing in this movie are used to help create within the action
conversations occur of the film. In

love the camera is not used to scream "Look, here is
Cuba Gooding Jr. ... LOOK is here and Gina Gershon. "Instead
used to emphasize the key to this movie, well-written dialogue.

I realize that I'm probably sounding like a broken record with
this dialogue is what keeps it real and easy to relate to. Just think how much
of communication in their daily lives is
floor speech.

And again this is probably another aspect of the film that can be
frowned upon. But how often you come to hear and see the real
thoughts of the opposite sex. The characters in this movie are the characters
our thoughts, and some of them are the voices that seek to suppress
, and the voices that never hear, but only imagine.

I realized that only I forgot to add the bit about the film that
fun, but not in the sense slapstick. You gotta listen and be attentive to achieve
. Listening is the key to understanding this movie
and perhaps to understand what really is love.

Unable to use all love a little more communication, listening and
I've seen this movie in the selection and Big Sky, investors, and all
involved should be very proud of this film! It is well done and fun,
quite naughty, but fun! A must see this Valentine's Day! Matt Lillard
is awesome! The way that maintains its character through the film is great
. I think I met this guy in every bar I've been in
closing time! The contrast between men and women is hilarious! This is
"Sex in the City" with men express their opinion! The entire cast is
top level and they do an excellent job. The scene with Andrew Daly
and Anne Heche is great fun! I loved this court Tylor Gina ....
Gershon .... What can you say ... always very hot !!!!!!

Download What Love Is
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