100 million BC

Download 100 million BC
Download Movie 100 million BCA scientist from the failed Philadelphia Experiment leads a team of Navy SEALs back in time to the Cretaceous Period to rescue the first team he sent back during the 1940s. Things go wildly awry though, when on his return he accidentally brings a giant, man-eating dinosaur back through the portal and into modern-day, downtown Los Angeles.


Michael Gross as Dr. Frank Reno
Christopher Atkins as Erik Reno
Greg Evigan as LCDR Ellis Dorn
Stephen Blackehart as Lt. Robert Peet
Geoff Meed as CPO Lopes
Dean Kreyling as Chief 'Bud' Stark
Wendy Carter as Betty
Marie Westbrook as Ruth
Phil Burke as Stubbs
Nick McCallum as Burke
Aaron Stigger as Manriquez
Daniel Ponsky as Jones
James Viera as Przyzicki
Gregory Paul Smith as Scientist
John Karyus as Scientist
Griff Furst

A bunch of laughs, but I am not sure if that was the intention. The cheap
CGI dinosaurs are usually the best players. Their counterparts are generally human
wood so that you think they are the CGI characters.

Time travel stories are often amusing, if done right. There is actually a
story arc that had potential, raising questions about the paradoxes of
"change history" that are the fodder of these flicks, but never
develops these ideas. The only thing plays with a lot of no-name characters
get croaked. Some guy loses some friends at a time
issuance of travel, so it takes some card-board cut-out "soldiers" with
him in the past to make a ransom. The blood and guts are everywhere, a plant that sprouts
acid (left over from an unfinished "Alien" sequel), T-Rex
always to swallow a person as a whole , Etc. At the luncheon
dino attacks, the victim disappears magically CGI in heaven
an instant before the dino chomps him. Even cheap

dinos are fun to watch, though, so the film is fun to see
with the right frame of mind. However, (mild spoilers follow ** **)
dumb scene that rips off the brunt of Jurassic Park II
frankly idiotic. I love the mix of CGI, where traffic appeared normal
outside the presence of a 25-foot rampaging beast with big teeth. And the team
pursued by the whole thing standing in the middle, while shouting insults at
sophomoric: classic.

best picture, with popcorn and a good sense of humor.
With Michaeal Gross, Chris Atkins and Greg Evigan. This could be a sequel to
Journey to the centre of the Earth or a prequel?
Maybe that's not fair, this is supposed to be a bigger film and have more success in
Sci-Fi Channel. Great cast, has some truth commands
moments and a lot of special effects. Michael Gross (tremors)
some sparks with a character that is allowed to breathe life into a mad scientist role
. Greg Evigan (BJ and the Bear) I think
was filming two movies at once, and is remarkably In / Out Burger-ish.
Christopher Atkins (Dallas) has fun scenes and the main love interest for one of
some women along the hike. We are dismayed by two points-

Griff Furst, Why his name has been removed as director? The second, Saw
these great behind the scenes in the execution of raptors and lacked, but T-REX
is' freaking beacon of hope for visual kewl '. Producers give more work to
Stephen Blackehart, Geoff Meedoen and Eric Spudic, 'Wow'

Download 100 million BC
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