The Man with the Golden Arm

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Download Movie The Man with the Golden ArmFrankie Machine is a skilled card dealer and one-time heroin addict. When he returns home from jail, he struggles to find a new livelihood and to avoid slipping back into addiction.


Frank Sinatra as Frankie Machine
Eleanor Parker as Zosch Machine
Kim Novak as Molly
Arnold Stang as Sparrow
Darren McGavin as Louie
Robert Strauss as Schwiefka
John Conte as Drunky
Doro Merande as Vi
George E. Stone as Sam Markette
George Mathews as Williams
Leonid Kinskey as Dominiwski
Emile Meyer as Detective Bednar
Jered Barclay as Junkie in Lock-up
Leonard Bremen as Taxi Driver in Lock-up
Paul E. Burns as Suspenders
Otto Preminger

Sinatra is completely convincing as addicted to this dark history of horror
what is the life of someone who has lost his soul to drugs. This is the film noir
become even more of the black drab sets and lighting. We are going through the
frightening experience of a man who was trying to escape the monster that
has placed in its own back.

Elmer Bernstein score is a mixture of jazz and the symphony makes the
addicted to the fearsome journey even more credible for

This film opened the topic of addiction to drugs open the way lost weekend
the theme of alcoholism. At least people could talk about these addictions
a little more freely.
(Mild spoilers) Frankie Machine has been dealt a bad hand in life. A
card to a dealer illegal gambling den in his neighborhood in Chicago
was busted when the set was assaulted by policemen and six months in jail

While behind bars Frankie was treated for his addiction to heroin in
prisons and hospitals learned to play drums as part of its
rehabilitation program. Now released from prison and return to his old neighborhood
Frankie is trying to put their lives back together by
get a union card in the Musicians Union, and then a job as drummer in a
Banda and put his old life behind him, but with catches
Frankie at no time at all in "The Man with the Golden Arm."

Otto Preminger's new and revolutionary 1955 film about heroin addiction
with Frank Sinatra that the performance of their lives as drug addicts
card strong Frankie Machine, The Man with the Golden Arm.
Frankie tries to escape the life they lead, but this monkey, or better
however, gorilla in the back that simply was not allowed. Soild
performances by the entire supporting cast from Frankie's friend Sparrow,
Arnold Stang. Sparrows attempt to get back on their feet Frankie
a suit of clothing stores for him and eventually put him in Frankie
pirate, and almost back to jail until his former boss at the
gambling den Schwiefka bailed him. There's Frankie

psychologically and emotionally paralyzed
Zosch wife, Eleanor Parker, who sees his place in Frankie is slipping
and slowly driven to madness for the murder and suicide. There's Frankie
Louie drug dealer, with Darren McGavin in one of his first acting roles
, to keep it to Frankie is only good while stays addicted
Louie and leaves his way to make sure he does.

there is the owner of the game set that operates as Frankie is
Schwiefka top card dealer, Robert Strauss, which like Louie leaves
his way to get Frankie to return to work for him, but if he is arrested again
Frankie hopes for a new and better life will
drainage. And then there is Frankie next door neighbor and friend Molly
, Kim Novak, who goes to lengths almost impossible to get over it
his addiction to lock him in his apartment. It is there he goes
"Cold Turkey" and ends almost dying trying to encourage the habit in
one of the more harrowing than ever sequence in the film.

not have banned movie with explosives and executions around the world
involved makes "The Man with the Golden Arm" one of the great classics
of realism in moving images emerging from the decade of 1950.

Download Man with the Golden Arm, The
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