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Download Movie Sleeping BeautyWhen a new princess is born to King Stefan & his wife, the entire kingdom rejoices. At a ceremony, three good fairies - Flora, Fauna & Merryweather - bestow gifts of magic on the child. But an evil sorceress named Maleficent shows up, and because of a rude remark by Merryweather, she places a curse on the princess - that she will die on her 16th birthday after touching a poisoned spinning wheel. Merryweather tries to undo the damage by casting a spell that will allow the princess - named Aurora - to awake from an ageless sleep with a kiss from her true love. The fairies take Aurora to their cottage in the woods to keep her away from the eyes of Maleficent, and raise her as their own child, named Briar Rose. On her 16th birthday Aurora meets Prince Phillip, the son of a king whose own kingdom will soon merge with King Stefan's - and falls in love. Maleficent manages to kidnap the Prince and her horrible prophecy is fulfilled when she tricks Aurora into touching a spinning wheel created by Maleficent herself! Realizing that the Prince is in trouble, the 3 good fairies head to Maleficent's castle at the Forbidden Mountain, and spring the Prince loose. But the Prince soon finds himself up against Maleficent's army of brutes, and the power of Maleficent's evil spells - which include a thorn forest as thick as weeds around King Stefan's castle, and a fight against Maleficent when she turns herself into a dragon! Is the Prince strong enough to withstand the powers of the evil sorceress?


Mary Costa as Princess Aurora
Bill Shirley as Prince Phillip
Eleanor Audley as Maleficent
Verna Felton as Flora
Barbara Luddy as Merryweather
Barbara Jo Allen as Fauna
Taylor Holmes as Stefan
Bill Thompson as Hubert
Bill Amsbery as Maleficent's goon
Candy Candido as Maleficent's goon
Pinto Colvig as Maleficent's goon
Dal McKennon as Owl
Marvin Miller as Narrator
Thurl Ravenscroft as Singer
Clyde Geronimi

In its scale, beauty, power and dramatic, Sleeping Beauty is presented as (I think

at least) the pinnacle of Disney animation features. While
in terms of cultural significance, there is a second headband to Snow White and Fantasia

is set apart from his richly detailed design
expressionist pioneer. The Disney animators has moved decisively away from the European Union
stories feel their 30'sy 40's triumphs with Alice in Wonderland
(1951) and
Lady and the Tramp ( 1955), however, was Sleeping Beauty which was the most

radical. With its $ 6 million budget, the film has an epic sweep

and scope never before achieved in the animation. From the crowd of celebrators
in the beginning and the enormous size of King Richard's throne

room, creates an enormous sense of space and depth of the pioneers
multi-plane Work Snow White and Fantasia. The film shows many other applications
the lesson learned from the great experiment of
particularly remarkable scene of the three fairies bestowing its

gifts to the infant Princess. The camera pans up and off dreamy, surreal vignettes
slightly reminiscent of Fantasia "Toccata in Fugue" segment. His animation
one of the best moments. However, what is surely the most memorable
element of this movie in the eyes of many viewers is its villain

creation Marc Davis, injurious. Expressed for a long time Disney basic
Eleanor Audley, is easily Disney's most overtly evil villain. Davis' brilliant
simplified design exudes elegance of a hellish (complete with

demonic horns). She wears a royal nobility only added to his
ambiguous, sinister nature, as well as his dramatic presence. She
slander and cackles and proclaims his evil decrees with such bile and
disgust is almost overwhelming. In the last conflict between
Prince Phillip, she screams, with full fury: "Now we will have to deal with me, oh
and all the powers of hell! "Lightning cracks, smoke and collects
rises, now transformed into a fire-breathing dragon. It is one of Disney's most

moments bold and well one of his best. Sleeping Beauty is a
masterpiece, a huge artistic triumph of one of the most successful and prolific
Hollywood studios. His art, dramatic power, and forcing
that actions stand alongside the great American films of the

decade, which is an undeclared often enough.
When I was a girl, Sleeping Beauty was my favorite of all time
Disney movie. I was so in love with this story, it's crazy how much I
sometimes carried out by VHS. But increasingly, he lost touch with history,
but he recently bought the DVD and re-seen the film and
you know what? I'm still in love with this movie. I really miss those old movies where
Disney animation was so bright and beautiful, the characters
were so adorable, and history was so magical. I'm not
attacks Disney films from today, only I am sure that everyone could relate on this subject
where older Disney films only had a certain charm about it.
Sleeping Beauty is just a story and has so much wonderful
romance, and I guess I am a girl, I just could not help but
still be in love with this beautiful story.

Princess Aurora is born and the future queen of their land, three
fairy, Flora, Merryweather, and bless its fauna, with three gifts:
beauty and singing, as Merryweather right is about to bless Aurora,
wicked witch, injurious, Aurora comes in and she curses touch
spinning a wheel of his 16th birthday and die! Merryweather changes
where not die, but sleep and could only be awakened by the kiss of true love
. The fairy's desire to prevent this from happening yet, so take
Aurora and raise as their own. One day Aurora in its 16th birthday
leaves in the woods and meets the charming and handsome
Prince Phillipe, but she does not know is a prince and she did not know that
FHE is the man who actually promised . She is told by the
fairy dress she may never play again and that she'sa princess;
later that night the curse is happening! Now, the fairy of the need to save Phillipe
Aurora before it is too late.

About Sleeping Beauty is nothing but a perfect movie Disney
and I can not wait to show this to my future children one day. Sé que
su generación va a tener sólo la animación CGI, por lo que es bueno
que por lo menos todavía tenemos estas películas, son tesoros. The voices,
animation, history, Sleeping Beauty is the most romantic fairy tale
that anyone can easily fall in love. If you're a Disney fan
, this is a must see, is a great family movie or if you're only a
movie fan in general, I am a servant and I still tear when I watch
Sleeping Beauty .


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