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Download Movie 12 Angry MenHeralded as one of the all-time great theatrical releases, "12 Angry Men" focuses on a jury's deliberations in a capital murder case. A 12-man jury is sent to begin deliberations in the first-degree murder trial of an 18-year-old Latino accused in the stabbing death of his father, where a guilty verdict means an automatic death sentence. The case appears to be open-and-shut: The defendant has a weak alibi; a knife he claimed to have lost is found at the murder scene; and several witnesses either heard screaming, saw the killing or the boy fleeing the scene. Eleven of the jurors immediately vote guilty; only Juror No. 8 (Mr. Davis, played by Henry Fonda) casts a not guilty vote. At first Mr. Davis' bases his vote moreso for the sake of discussion after all, the jurors must believe beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. As the deliberations unfold, the story quickly becomes a study of the jurors' complex personalities (which range from wise, bright and empathetic to arrogant, prejudiced and merciless), preconceptions, backgrounds and interactions. That provides the backdrop to Mr. Davis' attempts in convincing the other jurors that a "not guilty" verdict might be appropriate.


Martin Balsam as Juror #1
John Fiedler as Juror #2
Lee J. Cobb as Juror #3
E.G. Marshall as Juror #4
Jack Klugman as Juror #5
Ed Binns as Juror #6
Jack Warden as Juror #7
Henry Fonda as Juror #8
Joseph Sweeney as Juror #9
Ed Begley as Juror #10
George Voskovec as Juror #11
Robert Webber as Juror #12
Rudy Bond as Judge
James Kelly as Guard
Billy Nelson as Court Clerk
Sidney Lumet

One of the best sets of pieces ever made film. 12 jurors debate, argue
and sweat it out to decide guilt or innocence of an adolescent
accused of murdering his father. This was Sidney Lumet as director of
This film is almost entirely laid down in a room for 90 minutes or so, as the brave dozen
play cat and mouse with the lives of the accused. A 11 jurors
is an open and closed case - guilty. The defendant establishes life in the hands of a liberal
juror (Henry Fonda).
The film examines in detail the facts of the case, because each juror has
reasons for their decisions. Fonda struggles to convince his fellow jurors
that there is room for reasonable doubt, but it is doubtful that work against
priorities and deeply ingrained prejudices. Within the confines of a hot and angry
room Fonda fights its corner, while highlighting both its open-minded and fair
with beliefs weaknesses and failures of his fellow defendants
Although unconvincing in detail, the film is absorbing, and
more remarkable since it is almost entirely in one room and laid down, however, has
the attention of viewers. He is wonderful; the 12 players are essentially
the film.
A classic film, not to use plots of fantasy or effects, but the talent of the players.
A large piece of cinema and one of the best films emerging from the U.S..
worth seeing, if not only for analysing human weaknesses.
"12 Angry Men" is an excellent film. It is proof that, for a movie to
be big, you do not need a wide scenery, costumes or elaborate
expensive special effects - acting only superlative.

The twelve men are angry the twelve jurors in a murder case. A
eighteen years of age from a slum background is accused of stabbing his father to death
and faces the electric chair if convicted. Eleven men
believe the boy to be guilty, only one (Henry Fonda) has
doubts. Can you manage to convince others?

case, the court only provides a framework, however. The film's greatness lies in its
with what-next twelve men who have never met before
itself and the interaction of his characters as each
man carries his own background and experiences of Life in the case. Thus, we are hesitant
soccer coach (Martin Balsam), the shy, uncertain
bank clerk (John Fiedler), the so-called aggressive company director (Lee J. Cobb
), the intermediary Authorized (EG Marshall), self-conscious
slum dweller (Jack Klugman), the solid, reliable painter (Edward Binns
), the seller selfish (Jack Warden), calm, collected
architect (Fonda), the thoughtful, attentive older man (Joseph
Sweeney), the racially intolerant garage owner (Ed Begley), the Middle
European watchmaker (George Voskovec) and advertising beefcake
agent (Robert Webber ) That has a lot of talk and little more.

Almost the entire film takes place in one room, the jury room,
where men have retired to consider its verdict. The viewer is
sweat himself with the jury that as the heat rises,
literally and metaphorically, among men who make their way toward
its final verdict. Curiously, the jurors (with the exception of two
at the end) are never the name. No need to be. Their characters
speak for them.

Henry Fonda is eminently satisfactory and credible as the excellent
dissent that brings home the importance of a jury's duty to examine
evidence thoroughly and without bias. Joseph Sweeney is delicious
as Juror No. 9, the quiet but shrewd old man who loses nothing, while
For example, Marshall brings his usual firmness and authority to the role of
Juror No. 4. All actors shine but perhaps the best performance is
that Lee J. Cobb as Juror No. 3, hard, stubborn, aggressive, vindictive
avenger who comes down to breaking when they are forced to confront
the failure of her relationship with her own son.

Several of the stars of "12 Angry Men" became household names. Henry Fonda
continued his distinguished career until his death in 1982, as well as paternity
Jane and Peter. Lee J. Cobb landed the important role of
Judge Henry Garth in "The Virginian '. For example, Marshall enjoyed a long,
reputation career in film and television, including playing Joseph P. Kennedy
in the "Kennedy" mini-series. Jack Klugman was "Quincy", while John Fiedler
piglet expressed in 'Winnie the Pooh' films and cartoons.

Of the twelve, only John Fiedler, Jack Klugman and Jack Warden *
are still alive. While some brand-eighties, all of them are still
act. The film was still available on video last year and shown on TV
quite frequently. I can not recommend is too high!

(* John Fiedler died June 2005. Jack Warden died July 2006.)

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