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(action, adventure, fantasy)
Download Movie Hawk the SlayerHawk the Slayer, after seeing both his father and bride die at the hands of his malevolent brother, Voltan, sets out for revenge and the chance to live up to his title. Tooling himself up with the "mind-sword" and recruiting a motley band of warriors: a giant, a dwarf, a one-armed man with a machine-crossbow and an elf with the fastest bow in the land; Hawk leads the battle against Voltan to free the land from the forces of evil and avenge his loved ones.


Jack Palance as Voltan
John Terry as Hawk
Bernard Bresslaw as Giant Gort
Ray Charleson as Elf Crow
Peter O'Farrell as Dwarf Baldin
William Morgan Sheppard as Ranulf
Patricia Quinn as Sorceress Woman
Cheryl Campbell as Sister Monica
Annette Crosbie as Abbess
Catriona MacColl as Eliane
Shane Briant as Drogo
Harry Andrews as High Abbot
Christopher Benjamin as Fitzwalter
Roy Kinnear as Innkeeper
Patrick Magee as Priest
Terry Marcel

Hawk the Slayer has become quite the cult favorite
during recent years: in fact, has proven to be an essential building block when I was
university, providing entertainment invaluable when you really should have been doing something
more productive. Give this film a rating
is a very difficult task: one level, it deserves least ten out of ten, because
is simply appalling.

Technically, which has ambitions far outweigh its meagre budget, and
This is evident in the incessant run of errors, falling scenery,
blatantly false background, obviously use of the same series (despite
purporting to be a different place: not miss Hawk's
journey through the woods, walks past the tree covered in about three skulls < br> times!), pathetic special / trick effects (silly string, fluorescent
Baubles, "things" in the forest of doom, the foolish use of reverse
photography to capture the gravity defying marvel the 'mind-sword "),
terrible editing (knives seem to strike the enemy before you
have even thrown in the first place), disconcerting use of fast-moving and
depressing sets.

The script is ridiculous: very derivative, hopeless and very corny
portentous. He is poor: either wildly hammy (step forward,
Jack Palance) or barely awake (John Terry, who just snaps from their slumber
twice throughout the film, both cases are the lines when
the Volta swears that will die by his hand and the sword). The dwarf is not
really that small, the giant is not really that high, Volta mask
Medieval seems suspiciously like a knock-off of Darth Vader and
bringing the hula hoop that acts as a carrier matter?
True, there are also dull spots here and there.

director Terry Marcel has no idea how to grip a spectator, and
dialogue that seems to be intentionally funny sale as
astonishingly banal. However, is when the film is played completely straight
(well, maybe) that Hawk accidentally crosses the line and becomes
something very special indeed. Its defects just becoming very
its virtues. Jack Palance must have been for something during the filming of
this, because his performance was beyond wild. The scowls, growls,
committing cowardly acts of violence for bread, he looks about forty years older than
Hawk, we are still supposed to believe that they are brothers! Each
line offers a nugget of gold. John Terry as Hawk is quite
deaf, although his total lack of emotion when his
provides fun character goes through times that would test the spirit of
any normal human being. Extra mention should go to the actor who plays Volta evil
son of Drogo: he is receiving wonderful 'Message of Death' line
half of the film, while Roy Kinnear shows a scene and
out all acts throughout the film.

The action is wrong stages: a sequence takes place in a snowstorm,
however, the snow is so thick, the camera lens so full of Vaseline and the
editing so shambolic that it is difficult to say just what is happening
ignition. The long-awaited end of a conflict between Hawk and is desperately Volta
unexciting and dragged out in slow motion.

Hawk the Slayer's script is an almost relentless spree of hilarity:
the witness account of how the warrior Volta
soldiers destroyed his hometown, cringe at the overcooked machoism of Hawk's duels,
playing a drinking game based on the number of times the word "death" is used
(no charges: the coldness of death, the gates of death,
message of death, the river of death ...), and see her jaw drop to the film scene when
best Hawk and his friends are tied Volta
and wants to know where is the gold. This is where nearly all the film
more lines can be found, and curiously, the scene was filmed almost a
take, but the camera barely moves, so do not expect anything along the
lines Scorcese.

Hawk the Slayer is a great bad movie,
carefully tread the line between parody and straight face stink. Jack Palance
seems to be the only one who knows the score here, and it seems that there is
very well. Terry Marcel and Harry Robertson, no, no, no. You
created one of the worst films ever made. On the other hand, here's to you
, has created a comic masterpiece!
It D. acted properly. I. It is irritating. It S. Stupid-stupid. It C. Completely
garbage. It is O. Oh! Oh! Oh my God is bad! It is soooooo bad.
so bad that it's fantastic. Just about everything that is wrong, wrong, wrong
. So bad in fact that comes right.

The disco music is just brilliant inspiration. What better music to go
with a sword and sorcery movie more modern (at)
synthesizer sounds.

The actors are all wooden soooo me quede including the loss of trees.
John Terry plays the hero. But he is so shamelessly of americas. Not even an attempt to prove
British accent. Totally out of place among the other actors.
Bernard Bresslaw (making movies fame, and one of the world's all-time worst players
) plays Gort, a giant. Well, it is higher than anyone else, so
must be a giant, right? The offers some truly terrible lines. Jack Palance plays
Volta, supposedly the brother of hero, but looking more like his father
. He dresses much like Darth Vader, but
overacts so completely that I wondered if he was trying to end his career with this movie. Ray Charleson plays
Crow, an elf. He can shoot arrows so fast the camera could not catch
more than one shot, so that repeats over
and fired more than they got the idea was really fast. William Morgan plays
Ranulf, a man with a quick shot crossbow (which obviously had in those pseudo
medieaval times) and Peter Farrel is Baldin, a dwarf. You know who is a dwarf
because he is the shortest one of the group. Also, acts and delivery
some lines so badly that they do not believe (see the scene raft).

The story is a standard rescue scenario, although why anyone would want
rescue the Mother Abbess is beyond me. Ineffective would be a kind word to describe
all nuns, who mill about and cower a lot but do little
another person.

Have I mentioned the special effects? They really are special. Laughing to
teleporter. None of Star Trek fantasy that malarkey about slowly disappearing. Here
simply sit within two rings soldiers alongside an angle
and placed on a turntable. Then there's the "storm turns Fireballs" that appear to be
ping-pong balls fired horizontally. And then there is the silly string
restraining guards.

"A ping pong ball for the blind, a lot of silly string to bind

The only halfway decent are the effects mindsword, has a bright fresh
globe held in a fist instead of a pommel. And healing the world, which Volta
used to soothe his damaged face. But that's all. In fact, everything
magical lights. The teleporter rings, ping-pong Fireballs, the sword, healing
globe, all of it.

One thing I never understood about the volte face. It was allegedly burnt,
that is where the damage is coming, but not cure

anyway, this movie has all the bad things that make a classic B-movie
and is well worth seeing. But still I am surprised how well this is a bad movie.
If you set out to do everything wrong in a film, it would be truly horrible, but
here, just works. Recommended.

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