13: Game of Death

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Download Movie 13: Game of DeathPusit is having the worst day of his life. He just lost his job and is in serious debt. That is all about to change when he receives a mysterious phone call with a tempting offer. If he could complete 13 tasks, he will win 100 million Baht. Pusit agrees and the game begins.


Krissada Terrence as Pusit
Achita Wuthinounsurasit as Tawng
Sarunyu Wongkrachang as Surachai
Nattapong Arunnate as Mik
Alexander Rendel as Tay
Penpak Sirikul as Maggie
Ma-Deaw Chukiatsakwirakul

A film of almost unbearable suspense, which begins lightly and will
darkest minutes.

works on several levels: as a critique of society we live (
the voyeurism and excessive competition) and psychological (
the characters have their behavior is explained well in the movie).

This is the best movie I've seen in Thailand.

Thai cinema is evolving and the proof is sick Nurses, an exercise in style
in horror better than most American films and 13 Beloved, which is also very well
served by its actors and director.

If you like suspense, do not miss this movie
I've always seen movies from Asia, especially horror and thrillers,
long before they became a fashion here. In particular, I paid attention to Thai Film
that really grew in the past 10 years, so I'm not
surprised when I see some solid product like this. 13 Beloved
is a great thriller, based on a comic book, which begins as a dark comedy,
pass through some shocking scenes on the edge of gory horror in turn
a critic (Thai ) Contemporary society. Cinematography is
realistic and so are the special effects, is good, the director
knows his job and suspense remains high for all the film. Perhaps
could expect something more at the end. The only bad note is the
subtitles in English in the version I saw that took a lot of freedom in
translation and changed the MBK center in e-bay or a "Farang"
a bastard and so on ...

Download 13: Game of Death
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