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Download Movie BatmanWhen the four greatest arch super-criminals ever to plague Gotham City join forces, their only objective can only be the entire world! Armed with Penguin-personalized a pre-atomic submarine, an army of ruthless pirates, exploding sharks and octopi, and an arsenal of polaris missiles, the Penguin, the Joker, the Riddler and Catwoman have set their sights on the United World Security Council! Can the dynamic duo, Batman and Robin, stop the United Underworld before its too late? Will they save the Security Council from almost certain dehydration? Can they possibly save the free world from the four most powerful villains it has ever seen? One hint: The worst is yet to come...!


Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Burt Ward as Dick Grayson/Robin
Lee Meriwether as The Catwoman/Comrade Kitanya 'Kitka' Irenya Tantanya Karenska Alisoff
Cesar Romero as The Joker
Burgess Meredith as The Penguin
Frank Gorshin as The Riddler
Alan Napier as Alfred
Neil Hamilton as Commissioner Gordon
Stafford Repp as Chief O'Hara
Madge Blake as Aunt Harriet Cooper
Reginald Denny as Commodore Schmidlapp
Milton Frome as Vice-Adm. Fangschleister
Gil Perkins as Mr. Bluebeard
Dick Crockett as Morgan
George Sawaya as Quetch
Leslie H. Martinson

In 1989, Tim Burton created the first film Batman
with great stars like Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. The Joker is undoubtedly
Hollywood one of the best villains on the screen. Jack Nicholson was born to
paper, with its psychotic patients and see. Michael Keaton is also
great as Batman and is quite good as Bruce Wayne. Kim Basinger is
kind of annoying sometimes, but she is not the worst ever in danger Damisela
seen on the screen.

Tim Burton has a unique way of doing Batman, and I think most people
can agree that fits the characters and history. To bad Warner Bros.
get rid of him after the 2 nd film.
No radioactive spider bites or boys turning green or supermodels
painted blue. Campy TV series aside,
Batman has always seemed the most serious, most land, all the more real
sagas of comics. Our hero has no magical, mystical superpowers ...
is only one man in a suit. But where to get those wonderful toys? In this movie
Tim Burton does a very good job of bringing the Dark Knight
to life, while also seemingly giving the dark, foreboding city of Gotham
a life of its own. Gotham is dark, grim, grim and almost ...
oppressively. The city is almost a character itself in the
... film dark, mysterious and somehow quite real. The bright
conceived, stunning visual effects are the perfect backdrop for the story
to be developed.

The story follows our Cap the Crusaders in their quest to clean up Gotham
which is in the midst of an alarming upsurge in crime. There was a lot of unnecessary anguish
when comic actor Michael Keaton landed the title role
fans with the feeling that was a sure sign of the film lean toward
campy style evident in the famous television series.
Nothing could have been further from the truth. Batman would be a serious film (well,
as serious as a comic book movie can be) and Keaton was perfect in
Bruce Wayne / Batman role. Keaton's Wayne comes across as a normal boy
doing extraordinary things. Keaton brings all the seriousness
for the role but can also add a little comic touch when necessary. Inspired
worth casting great moment.

Good as he is actually Keaton is overshadowed by the film. Who else but
Jack Nicholson could cause the actor playing Batman
get second billing in a movie titled Batman? The performance of Nicholson as the Joker
is simply incredible. Perhaps a bit over the top sometimes, but, hey, it
the Joker ... That means over the top. Nicholson encourages each
scene in which, simply owns the screen. With two tremendous players
doing excellent work with what our hero and villain to life the film
can hardly go wrong. It is certainly quite entertaining, but as the film
whole, not very brilliant match of the two lead performances
. The supporting cast, headed by Kim Basinger as the necessary
's love interest, does not add much. Rather than leave alone well enough
with a fantastic Danny Elfman score throughout the film reaches a
screeching halt a few times while we are obliged to listen to some inane
Prince songs. And the story only seems to lack a certain joy.
We want to see the conflict between Batman and Joker,
these two great characters played by two great players. And for too much of the film
that conflict is simply not there. But all in all, Batman is certainly a
deserves the effort. Some first-class acting, stunning visual effects and a story that
Not only enough to get you and hold your attention throughout.
To call this great movie could be a stretch, but one could say that is very, very good
. Certainly good enough to be worth your time.

Download Batman
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