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Download Movie Wayne's World 2Wayne is back, this time trying to organize a rock festival with help from friend Garth and the spirit of Jim Morrison (Doors). Meanwhile, his girlfriend's manager is busy trying to woo her away from Wayne and move her to LA. Life gets interesting when Wayne must rush from the concert to try and stop the wedding. Aerosmith are featured at the concert.


Mike Myers as Wayne Campbell
Dana Carvey as Garth Algar
Christopher Walken as Bobby Cahn
Tia Carrere as Cassandra Wong
Chris Farley as Milton
Ralph Brown as Del Preston
James Hong as Jeff Wong
Rip Taylor as Himself
Steven Tyler as Himself - Aerosmith Singer
Joe Perry as Himself - Aerosmith Guitarist
Brad Whitford as Himself - Aerosmith Guitarist
Tom Hamilton as Himself - Aerosmith Bassist
Joey Kramer as Himself - Aerosmith Drummer
Lee Tergesen as Terry
Dan Bell as Neil
Stephen Surjik

Recently I bought this movie, I am a fan of long Waynes World
2 and 1. Bit disappointed that the DVD has no extras but I can only
settle for owning this movie. My favorite parts of the film are
parties with Jim Morrison (mainly because I am a big fan of The Doors

Wayne: "Who are you?" Jim: "Im Jim Morrison" Wayne: "Who is it?" Jim:
".. A strange Bursera "Wayne:" Cool "

I also like little when Preston Dell is showing the groupies
the machine gun turrets on stage model. Fun and exciting this is one of the few sequels
i like. recommended to any fan of Mike Myers
Wayne's world is more than just sing the song, the fight scene with
Mr.Wong and Indian naked strangers. Their two boys about Wayne and Garth
who just want to do what all teenagers metal head of dreams.

What I sell a lot in this movie than the original
is a lot of Wayne's reference to pop culture. Small
things you really do not collect until you see it in the 10 th time. Things like
Wayne John Hughes reference, or from talking about leaving with
Jeff Beck.

I have nothing but praise and respect for this movie, and fail to see why Mike Myers
hates what he did. Therefore, until the next time, in part.

Download Wayne's World 2
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