Army of the Dead

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Download Movie Army of the DeadIn the spirit of "Army of Darkness" comes this incredible chiller following a college professor as he leads his students on an archeological expedition in Baja, Mexico. After unexpectedly unleashing an ancient curse, they find themselves battling hordes of skeletal warriors who were once associates of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado.


Ross Kelly as John Barnes
Stephanie Marchese as Amy
Miguel Martinez as Degama
Mike Hatfield as Fred
Vic Browder as Kittridge
Jocelyn Tucker as Kristen
Audrey Anderson as Jenny
Malcolm Madera as Tobias
Casey Messer as Alicia
Matt Comacho as Rodrigo
Jason E. Hill as Graham
Jeff Mocho as Jack Johnson
Joseph Conti

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4. Fuck... I'm Dead - Bring On The Dead - Army Of Hermaphrodites
5. Manowar - Gods of War - Army of the dead, Part I
6. Manowar - Gods of War - Army of the dead, Part II
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