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(action, horror)
Download Movie OutpostIn a town ravaged by war, mysterious businessman hires an ex-marine to assemble a crack team of ex-soldiers to protect him on a dangerous journey into no-man's land. To this gang of hardened warriors, battle-worn veterans and borderline criminals killing is just a job - and one they enjoy. Their mission - to scope out an old military bunker. It should be easy - 48 hours at the most. Lots of cash for little risk. Or so he says...Once at the outpost, the men make a horrific discovery that turns their mission on its head - the scene of a bloody and gruesome series of experiments, carried out during World War Two. Amid the carnage, they find something even more disturbing - a survivor. As war rages above ground, and a mysterious enemy emerges from the darkness below, the ex-marine and his men find themselves trapped in a claustrophobic and terrifying scenario. Their mission is no longer one of safe-guarding - it's one of survival. Together they must discover what it is killing them off, one by one.


Ray Stevenson as DC
Julian Wadham as Hunt
Richard Brake as Prior
Paul Blair as Jordan
Brett Fancy as Taktarov
Enoch Frost as Cotter
Julian Rivett as Voyteche
Michael Smiley as McKay
Johnny Meres as The Breather
Xuki Robeli as Newsreader
Scott Peden as Nazi Sergeant Major
Mark Smith as Nazi Soldier #1
Charlie Jeffrey as Nazi Soldier #2
Graeme Temple as Nazi Soldier #3
Steve Barker

I've seen a lot of these types of films and I mean that this
surprised me a lot. I expected a low quality film garbage and crap crap effects
history. I mean I was not wrong, but all points
most definitely outweigh the NAFF.

history goes as mentioned above. + Merc team hired to get
bar to reach some remote Outpost "for not" real "reason (at first
), Ah has to say or hear that everything can not be good. To be honest
formula is not so surprising, but the way it is carried out is typically brit
and, therefore, not so bad. As recently there are some good curves toward
"philidelphia former" and the idea of unified field theory, but hey
is a horror thriller so do not expect too lol. There was a revision to the soldiers
dog, shelter, blah, blah, blah, if they have seen or hostel which is a
load of rubbish that is not close to that kind of crap (i say gory
Of course, my dear sir, but why we do not know gets a sequel). Almost as
the bunker, but much better. All in all its supernatural
a good movie, but without the serious and indeed with a story that makes it OK
good to see.

anyway this movie was not so bad, do not get me wrong is not a
I go pay to see if lined with Biggie "Indy, Star Trek,
batman etc. "But at the same time, i have paid to see if
were on a par with the low season" to "movies. I think if

or as gender is definitely worth the time to see
This was a pleasure to find. I went into it without expectations, as I
all "B" movies, and really enjoyed this movie.

There is so weak that act once you get into the note that are not
thrown out. The story is very good, a smart twist in hauntings wing
"From Beyond".

special effects are well done and the gore is good. I personally think
the first two scenes of death should have been a bit more horrible,
but I do not complain. The sound effects are perfect and that helps
make the movie a lot.

I can easily recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a good ghost story
with a lot of encouragement. As good as "ghost ship"

Download Outpost
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