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(action, crime, drama)
Download Movie King of New YorkDrug lord Frank White (Chrstiopher Walken) is released from Sing-Sing prison after serving a number of years for drug trafficking. He is reunited with his former gang, led by the murderous Jimmy Jump (Laurence Fishburne), as well as his personal female bodyguards Raye (Theresa Randle) and Melanie (Carrie Ngyen), and his lover/legal annalist Jennifer (Janet Julien). After seeing his old neighborhood more dilapidated and depressing than ever, Frank decides to do good by eliminating his competitors whom filled the void left by his incarceration, then steal their money and drugs to finance a new South Bronx hospital for the needy. But Frank's past won't let go of him when a group of overzealous cops, led by corrupt detective Roy Bishop (Victor Argo), frustrated at the lack of clues to nail Frank on for the current street killings, decide to take matters into their own hands.


Christopher Walken as Frank White
David Caruso as Dennis Gilley
Laurence Fishburne as Jimmy Jump
Victor Argo as Roy Bishop
Wesley Snipes as Thomas Flanigan
Janet Julian as Jennifer
Joey Chin as Larry Wong
Giancarlo Esposito as Lance
Paul Calderon as Joey Dalesio
Steve Buscemi as Test Tube
Theresa Randle as Raye
Leonard L. Thomas as Blood
Roger Guenveur Smith as Tanner
Carrie Nygren as Melanie
Ernest Abuba as King Tito
Abel Ferrara

Do you like Christopher Walken movies? Good, the depth
psychological studies, the pseudo-creepy underworld / misfit characters who have
typecast unfortunately one of the largest and multi-talented actors

Do you like movies Abel Ferrara? The undersigned in a rush, downtown
reviews of the seedier motivations and lifestyles-side life
many of us would like to ignore, but are nevertheless intrigued by?

low budget and a bunch of conjones are trademarks of Ferrara's films (Fear
City, Addiction, the funeral) and this is no exception, but the expression
with style defined here .. You see, hear, feel the atmosphere of the unpleasant
hustlers low morale of the five Burroughs…………. Congrats lot Alex
Tovoularis production design.

King of New York may not be as famous as Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant
in the world of film-freak, but perhaps it should be.

Joe Delia's unforgettable banda sonora is a perfect complement to the capricious Bojan Bazelli
Walken-visual scene of the confrontation of old-style gangster is as classic as
is intense.

Man, I love making this movie.
King of New York (1990) is an excellent film that Abel Ferrara
is more elegant film. As years, the King of New York is a film that will be more
respected and regarded as an example of Ferrara better job. It was the second
best gangster movie in 1990 along with Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas. The address is
surpurb and the characters are full of colorful

King of New York (1990) is a modern refurbishment of the legend of Robin Hood. His
basically on an old gentleman who wants drug use drug money to help the poor and unfortunate people
. Christopher Walken gives one of his top five best
performances in the role of Frank. The feature is a neo noir
because there are not people with the exception of a couple who are likable.

Violence in this film is very brutal and done with great talent. Frank
plans do not work as everyone is out to get him (espically
police). Frank is a person living abroad, but killed in the internal
. King of New York has been compared to Scarface (1983), but I think
that this film is closer in spirit to Ringo Lam in the city Fire (1987) and the two
Chow Yun Fat / Andy Lau movie Rich & Famous (1986) and tragic
Hero (1987).

Laurence Fishburne gives a very good performance as Frank's loyal right hand man
. In fact, all the action sequences involving the actor makes him the
Hollywood B-movie eqevulent Chow Yun Fat with his two pistol event.
Steve Buscemi has a bit part as a rival drug dealer. I only wished that the idea
put a contract was extended to the police with some scenes
many police officers killed by men Frank.

A scene that is fantastic is the scene where police dressed
drug dealers that attack and try to put an end to Frank and his banda. Another excellent
scene is the funeral sequence. The order is unusually low-key to a mafia
Shake. I would like to see a Director's Cut of this film released on video
because I believe that something is missing from the R-rated version

Download King of New York
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