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(horror, thriller)
Download Movie UntraceableA secret service agent, Jennifer Marsh, gets caught in a very personal and deadly cat-and-mouse game with a serial killer who knows that people (being what they are - both curious and drawn to the dark side of things) will log onto an "untraceable" website where he conducts violent and painful murders LIVE on the net. The more people who log on and enter the website, the quicker and more violently the victim dies.


Diane Lane as Jennifer Marsh
Colin Hanks as
Billy Burke as
Joseph Cross as
Mary Beth Hurt as
Tim De Zarn as Michael
Daniel Liu as Detective Tom Moy
Jodi Altendorf as Detective
Brian Benjamin as Police Officer
John Breen as Richard Weymouth
Billy Burke as
Dan Callahan as Trey Restrom
Joseph Cross as
Ryan Deal as Officer Wone
Gray Eubank as Ray
Gregory Hoblit

This film deals with seemed difficult technically correct, and at this point that
dispose something more technically oriented person.
I see how the film might be somewhat entertaining to a person who is not very familiar with
technology, but from a personal point of view I found this film to be
extremely poor.

But there are some things that are really obvious, and make the film a really bad experience
(warning - spoilers): 1. They could have left the site
contact with the main suppliers of Internet and ICANN or
have the domain redirect to a black hole (similar to the Pakistani
YouTube incident involving a few weeks). 2. The girl has
downloaded what appears to be a very obvious Playstation game on a PC.
You can see that it is a game of Playstation the control scheme in
screen (circles, squares, X, Triangle). 3. Some of the computers used
at work Trackballs use of agents instead of mice. I realize that
Trackballs see better and more techy, but no real "hacker"
uses a trackball. 4. What kind of Internet security expert gives full
administrator privileges to his daughter, in the same team that
maintain their work-related files (Classified). 5. What kind of
servers are run by this guy. I refer to 2-3 as they have a million visits
minute, with streaming video. I do not believe that a dude infected
YouTube server farm. There is no way that a single server can handle everything that
traffic. And if there are multiple servers, there must be a way to balance
traffic, which would be really difficult. Exactly how
How many computers that exploit, that blocking traffic from all IPs
was not an option. 6. There is no way to hack into someone's car
remote control. We must do so from the car itself, and there is no way to
program something like a power outage at a given time. How he
the power of satellite positioning, if all the car had no power?
If the car had no power, how can you stop and steer the car? This
should be very difficult to control a vehicle without power
power steering and brakes.

I am sure there are other technical problems do not remember at this moment,
but I am sure you were not so clear.

I do not enjoy this movie at all, because they tried to be difficult
technologically correct. I am sure that other people will enjoy the film (I
I thought it was some hope for the film in the less techy parties). If you're a geek
not strongly recommend it, unless you want to see some techniques
comedy. All others, give it a try. You may like it.
The film is slow movement in general, the plot was simplistic and is a
crush between the mountains and a series CSI episode, but potentially less entertaining
neither. There were disturbing and Gore
content that I believe may have been inappropriate for history.
could have been just as powerful without disrupting the pseudo-snuff
scenes from the movie as a movie police and the suspense could be exploited to the maximum, or
the director should have made the call to make it more
saw as a movie, keeping the disturbing content and ensure that fan base in
The objective in my opinion is very broad, told viewers that
disappointed. In general, if the film moved a little faster, or
potentially less graphic that could have won by 6. To summarize all,
was 20 minutes more than it should have been and was wrong.
Potentially worth a rental but even questionable in this case.

Download Untraceable
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