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(mystery, thriller)
Download Movie Knight MovesA chess grandmaster is in a big tournament, and when his lover is found painted up and the blood drained out of her body he becomes a chief suspect. After he gets a call from the killer urging him to try and figure out the game, he cooperates with police and a psychologist to try and catch the killer, but doubts linger about the grandmaster's innocence as the string of grisly murders continues.


Christopher Lambert as Peter Sanderson
Diane Lane as Kathy Sheppard
Tom Skerritt as Capt. Frank Sedman
Daniel Baldwin as Det. Andy Wagner
Codie Lucas Wilbee as 9 Years Old David
Joshua Murray as 14 Years Old Peter
Frank C. Turner as Doctor
Don Thompson as Father
Megan Leitch as Mother
Alex Diakun as Grandmaster Lutz
Ferdy Mayne as Jeremy Edmonds
Katharine Isabelle as Erica Sanderson
Mark Wilson as Newscaster
Kehli O'Byrne as Debi Rutlege
Blu Mankuma as Steve Nolan
Carl Schenkel

Knight Moves is a film / fruitcake for .... a bit too complicated to be
called Madeira, but strong enough to bear the hunger. This gets
convey the horror of death without any real assassination footage is shown
and is rather in places Hitchcockesque.

The story focuses on chess player Peter Sanderson (Christopher Lambert)
and his (possible) involvement in a string of serial murders. Because of its
complete absorption in the game, which has already lost his wife and is now

in danger of losing her daughter. Although he is the prime suspect,

becomes involved with a psychologist called by the Police. This role was

collected by Christophe (then) wife, Diane Lane, who not only cope well with the

character, but also with a well-rehearsed bedroom scene. A case of "truth
being strange that fiction '?

Like many of the films Christophe, it depends largely
to explain the psychology of the murderer, if only in lay terms, but makes

deal to complex issues of accountability and coercion. Photography is a

juxtaposition of European construction south noir and blanc British thriller, with a little

americas, 'home' thrown by the logic of good results. Tom Skerritt is
disappointing as the police chief, a role he played woodenly. The
UpStage his Sidekick (Daniel Baldwin). Jeremy
is portrayed by Ferdinand Mayne, an actor well known for the movie-going public, with more than 120
functions to its credit before his death in 1998.

Although this film was not initially well received, their continued presence
on the 'Pick of the week' shelf in the store video shows that it is possible to become
in a "cult" film. It is often at the top-100-rentals
slot in many countries and seems to appeal to a wide range of people. While some
the need to support cast acting experience, his camera work and well coordinated
plot make this a unique and enjoyable '-dunnit' and ...

you really are guessing until the end.
Peter Sanderson is a chess master in the city for a great tournament. After his visit
and having sex with her, Sanderson
occasional lover is murdered and abandoned in a strange pose. The police suspected him as the
person who was with her moments before his death, but things are
Sanderson confused when contacted by the murderer
wishing to play a game with him. Killings continue as Sanderson and police are trying to
more astute that the murderer - however still indicate that tracks
Sanderson still could be a suspect himself.

There are very few thrillers who chose to look at the world chess Grandmaster
as a basis for its plot, and even less convincing
who manage Saca, this movie falls into the
former but not the last. The plot really only uses chess as
background to enable it to make a rather tenuous link between this game and
the game is played between Sanderson and murderer. This
basic plot is quite interesting but not really stand out
the basis of video-thriller genre that chess relationship suggests
is better. The relationship of chess in reality not work because
actually are not in line with the murders very well - feeling forced
much, certainly throughout the championship chess is only a secondary issue and
film never manages to convince that
really is a battle of wits, in fact, the police do most of the leg work and Peter
only occasionally blurts the odd 'in Eureka bathtub. "

The solution is semi-intelligent that I realized that the film has
deceived me from the first scene onwards, but despite this fact, the identity of
murderer is the out-of-the-blue and was expected to be
. The film is full of minor characters who jump out of shadows,
sometimes appear suspicious or threatening to say things under their breath,
all tracks false of course, but most of them are not explained and < br> Clearly the writer never thought about whether or not they
sense in any context other than them false clues. That said,
the film is pleasant, but mainly as a genre film more than anything
particularly clever or inventive. The lack of a really smart
cat'n'mouse game was a disappointment for me because of the possibility that the connection
chess had suggested.

The cast is a mixture fairly average contribute to the feeling that
this is a genre film more than anything particularly smart.
Lambert has had a varied career and this is just another strange role
he does not play that well - certainly the words' Lambert 'and
' master Chess "are words that the words do not seem to appear naturally
together. The survival of the cliches of both genders and
Lambert films, we have an obligation to love scene (twice!)
Have little relevance, but gives the film added to the retail outlet of breasts!
Skerrit and Baldwin are better than the rest of the cast, even with the poor
characters - two of them control of individual scenes that are in
and make the film feel better than it is.

Generally, the title and background suggest a smart game of wits between
a master chess and murderer, but fails to be something more than a
OK movie genre. The rotation is nothing, as usual, but
get there is quite fun and the end result is a film that is
very pleasant but nothing spectacular.

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