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(biography, drama, music, romance)
Download Movie ShineBased on the true story of Australian pianist David Helfgott, this delightful movie charts the early and traumatic early years. Telling the story in flashback we see David as he grows up and into a child prodigy while his father abuses him and his siblings with the memory of his childhood in Europe and the loss of his family in the concentration camps. David finally breaks away from his father and goes away to study overseas, he later suffers a breakdown and returns to Australia and a life in an institution. Many years later he is released and through several twists of fate (in reality even more unlikely than film portrays) he starts playing a piano in a bar before finally returning to the concert hall.


Geoffrey Rush as David Helfgott - Adult
Justin Braine as Tony
Sonia Todd as Sylvia
Chris Haywood as Sam
Alex Rafalowicz as David Helfgott - Child
Gordon Poole as Eisteddfod Presenter
Armin Mueller-Stahl as Peter
Nicholas Bell as Ben Rosen
Danielle Cox as Suzie - Child
Rebecca Gooden as Margaret
Marta Kaczmarek as Rachel
John Cousins as Jim Minogue
Noah Taylor as David Helfgott - Adolescent
Paul Linkson as State Champion Announcer
Randall Berger as Isaac Stern
Scott Hicks

Based on the true life story of David Helfgott. It begins with the first
years under his possessive father's roof. We discovered that this boy is a real talent
and child prodigy pianist with a great future, once
builds up the courage to break free from her father, even if not
especially psychologically. Finally one day, makes his way to London.
will continue his mastery of the art at the Royal College of
now music late in his youth, where he is trying his dream has long
Rachmaninoff's Rach 5, which basically If you ask me sums up life itself
and that is why the next thing I know is that he has undergone intense
break. And this is true with God's help that
eventually turn tables, and the fact that no matter what cookoo
seems you can not help but feel for how he's really adorable. And
finally found true love to be back to his feet again and
leave the small bar where he found a job as a pianist again
and earned her recognition back and basically back to
stage and the light to which it belongs and that is another story.
When I originally saw this movie in the mid-90's, I was absolutely devastated
throughout the first forty-five minutes. So much so, I was quite
uncontrollable crying, largely in spite of which I was friend. Time has softened the film
much for me, but still remains a powerful, tender
inspiration and a little film about a piano prodigy who has led a pretty
tragic life. Geoffrey Rush is incredible as piano prodigy David Helfgott
, and although the film is kind of sewn a little faster with the sub-
Vanessa Redgrave (what about Helfgott he did so in love with him
in a short period of time as wanting to marry him?) is a very well done
film that I recommend to almost anyone, but especially
musicians and music lovers.

- Shelly

Download Shine
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