Dragon Tiger Gate

Download Dragon Tiger Gate
(action, drama)
Download Movie Dragon Tiger GateThree young martial arts masters emerge from the back streets of Hong Kong to help the powerless fight injustice.


Donnie Yen as Dragon Wong
Nicholas Tse as Tiger Wong
Shawn Yue as Turbo Shek
Jie Dong as Ma Xiaoling
Xiao Ran Li as Lousha
Wah Yuen as Wong Jianglong
Kuan Tai Chen as Ma Kun
Vincent Sze as Fan
Tommy Yuen as Xing
Sam Chan Yu-Sum as Ming
Alan Lam as Patch
Nick Lam as Hoi
Sheren Tang as Dragon Wong mother
Yu Kang as Shibumi
Sit Lap Yin as Dragon Wong Kid
Wilson Yip

Since I was young I have always been fascinated with martial arts movies
and this is one of the best martial arts films you see. If

enjoy Kung Fu Hustle then you'll have a ball with absolute
this movie. You will be treated to some of the most mesmerising
fight scenes looks, and the best rope in any work
martial arts film out at this time.

The story is quite good, but not much to be honest
is not the main focus. This film also reminded me of another so-called "A man called hero"
which focused on the hero struggling with high capacity and fault
the fight against evil, which is the main story on its way through this film.

If you are in great martial arts movies do not miss this opportunity
you will not be disappointed.
From the early seconds of Dragon Tiger Gate, it is easy to observe its
lack of originality and its intention to copy scenes, characters and concepts
other films with the intention of entertaining the film that
spectator.And is intention.There 's nothing original in
this movie, but director Wilson Yip knows how to adapt to all elements of other films
Dragon Tiger Gate to finally get a fun movie with
energy.This a lot of film-making elements of films directed by Tsui Hark
, Ronny Yu and much more.As I said before, the story is not original and has
cliches, well, we do not see anything new,
but the film did a good job in keeping me fun.Dragon Tiger Gate is not as subversive and
as good as director Stephen Chow's films (as
Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle ) And is not as intensely dramatic as the
Time and masterpiece Tide.I would say that this movie is in some intermediate
point, far from excellence, but rather fun.I 'm
against the general lack of originality but, sometimes, as in this movie,
end result is a good film.I may recommend Dragon Tiger Gate
because, although not large, is quite fun .

Download Dragon Tiger Gate
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