Teen Wolf

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(comedy, fantasy)
Download Movie Teen WolfTeen discovers that puberty for him means he turns into a werewolf. One of the beneficial side effects is that it also turns him into a top-notch basketball player. But will his notoriety cost him his friends and can he find true love?


Michael J. Fox as Scott Howard
James Hampton as Harold Howard
Susan Ursitti as Lisa 'Boof' Marconi
Jerry Levine as Rupert 'Stiles' Stilinski
Matt Adler as Lewis
Lorie Griffin as Pamela Wells
Jim McKrell as Vice Principal Rusty Thorne
Mark Arnold as Mick McAllister
Jay Tarses as Coach Bobby Finstock
Mark Holton as Chubby
Scott Paulin as Kirk Lolley
Elizabeth Gorcey as Tina
Melanie Manos as Dina
Doug Savant as Brad
Charles Zucker as Malcolm
Rod Daniel

I know certain players differently over time. For me,
Michael J Fox has been on the rise, while others such as Steve Martin,
are headed in the other direction. There is nothing particularly unique about
any element of this movie, except perhaps the combination of
all of them. Fox believes it can be transformed into a werewolf
with superhuman powers - his "problem" makes it the most popular man in high school
and creates a winning basketball team. Forget that the wolf playing Fox
in court must be twice its size and four times the athlete,
this movie is nothing but a lot of fun to watch, helped considerably as Hampton
understanding and dad Ursitti as the sub-appreciated friend. Very
Michael J. Fox represents the
tragedy that has occurred in all young people in
secondary school: the lack of acceptance.
While this seems a comedy
someone about the difference personal
his most revealing comment in a
high school and how cruel it can be.
One is accepted only through athletics
or achievement they are. Fox's character
only becomes more popular
because he can dunk and take over a game
. Of course, the team finally
wins in the end, but only after digging
in the interior. But of all those who criticized the dark side
, this film is quite good,
because of the unusual twist on an old story. Funny
and outlandish, this movie has more
its power of the typical teen movie
decade since 1980.

Download Teen Wolf
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