The Jungle Book

Download Jungle Book, The
(adventure, family, romance)
Download Movie The Jungle BookA faithful adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of Mowgoli the jungle boy who is raised by wolves after being lost when a tiger attacked an encampment and killed his father. Years later he finds himself re-united with his childhood love Kitty and back in the "civilization" of Colonial India which he finds far less civilized then his jungle haunts. The search for a lost treasure shows who the truly civilized members of society are.


Jason Scott Lee as Mowgli
Cary Elwes as Captain William Boone
Lena Headey as Katherine 'Kitty' Brydon
Sam Neill as Colonel Geofferey Brydon
John Cleese as Dr. Julien Plumford
Jason Flemyng as Lt. John Wilkins
Stefan Kalipha as Buldeo
Ron Donachie as Sgt. Harley
Anirudh Agarwal as Tabaqui
Faran Tahir as Nathoo
Sean Naegeli as age 5 Mowgli
Joanna Wolff as age 5 Kitty Brydon
Liza Walker as Alice
Rachel Robertson as Rose
Natalie Morse as Margaret
Stephen Sommers

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