Strange Wilderness

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Download Movie Strange WildernessWith the ratings dropping for a wilderness-themed TV show, two animal fans go to the Andes in search of Bigfoot.


Jake Abel as Conservationist
Kevin Alejandro as Hispanic Man #1
Joe Don Baker as Bill Calhoun
Terrence Beasor as Old Man
Ernest Borgnine as Milas
Blake Clark as Dick
Allen Covert as Fred Wolf
Peter Dante as Danny Guiterrez
Will Deutsch as Office Person
John Farley as Mountain doctor
Jeff Garlin as Ed Lawson
Harry Hamlin as Sky Pierson
Kevin Heffernan as Whitaker
Jonah Hill as Cooker
Tom Hippler as Paramedic
Fred Wolf

Here's the setup: This is a dark and rainy night in downtown San Francisco
, howling wind, rain to ask for mercy flights
aside, a usual winter. I figure, "Hey, you know AVPR expected
just as it had potential."

I leave the darkened theater, pondering what the two directors will
for work as a result of this poor excuse for a teen action movie
orgasm. He made a pact that day with my friend, Mike, for
never again fall victim to this trite waste of celluloid.

early February approached, and I could barely contain myself for this impressive
comedy with a cast pretty decent.

I'm going to jump to the end. This movie sucked. Hard. I mean unwanted
testicles of an old man. Even the oven is my mind, I still can not help
reassure myself, but the fun part will begin shortly
, that maybe some actor would be fun. Power to have a
segments of the hand that I laughed at. Even the character of
not fun. Kevin Heffernan, who created the character immaculate Rod
Farve in Super troops, to get an F this movie.
But I do not blame him, blame me stoned teen-junior-high-quality script. I kid
If not, half the cast served Ceres order in this film.
I've never wanted to have a refund for a movie. Ever. Congratulations Strange
Wildlife, have become the new Club dread.
This film I am disappointed! I remember seeing the trailer
months before its release, so I was quite excited about it.
I really enjoy most of the Happy Madison films, but it was a complete
bummer! I love Jonah Hill and Steve Zahn is so good.
Not to mention the cast of characters you often see in these films, Allen Covert
specifically with the child's grandmother. I really loved that movie,
by what was then put faith in it would be somewhat comparable, but
quite the contrary. I mean, there are some amusing and occasionally hilarious
parties, but is only one leg. They tried way too hard for laughs
part time and have done so but were not quite live up to numerously!
Jonah Hill has the character of a few lines, but when it did, which were quite fun
. I did enjoy Justin Long as he was coming to their own quality of
actor. Kevin Heffernan was never close enough funny or lines of
camera adequate time it deserves, I mean that is Farve for the love of god,
man is funny. With all that being said, wait for the DVD. Poor
plot, great actors, but erroneously used her talent! Very
disappointed in this movie ..... I even went opening night was so excited
..... ..... stupid movie even a stoner movie at best and trust
I love stoner flicks!

Download Strange Wilderness
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