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Download Movie Stranger Than FictionFor twelve years, the methodic IRF agent Harold Crick has had a routine lonely life guided by his wristwatch. However, one day he hears the narration of his life in off, telling that he is going to die pretty soon. Meanwhile, he audits Ana Pascal, the owner of a bakery that is in debt with the IRF, and falls in love for her. Harold is advised by Professor Jules Hilbert to change his monotonous lifestyle while he tries to find Karen Eiffel, the author of the story of his life, who is researching means of killing the character, and convince her to change the ending of the story.


Will Ferrell as Harold Crick
Queen Latifah as Penny Escher
Peter Grosz as IRS Co-Worker #5
Ricky Adams as Young Boy
Christian Stolte as Young Boy's Father
Denise Hughes as Kronecker Bus Driver
Peggy Roeder as Polish Woman
Tonray Ho as IRS Co-Worker #6
Tony Hale as Dave
William Dick as IRS Co-Worker #1
Maggie Gyllenhaal as Ana Pascal
Danny Rhodes as Bakery Employee #1
Helen Young as Bakery Customer #1
David Pompeii as Bakery Customer #2
Linara Washington as Bakery Employee #2
Marc Forster

Marc Foster, the acclaimed director of the maravillosa''Encontrar
Neverland''y the poderosos''Monster's Ball'' ;, Brings to life a film that
es''extraño''que fiction. The story of an ordinary man (Will Ferrell
, perfect casting) realizes that his life is being used by a
novel of a famous writer (Emma Thompson, first class) demonstrates the
style of the film.

Let me say, this is a strange movie. The idea seems as if
was taken from the mind of Charlie Kaufman himself. However, it could also add
this is a hilarious movie. Once the main character, Harold Crick,
realizes his character will die in the novel, which desperately tries to find
the writer and do your stop the letter. From the stage where
Emma Thompson of the narration is heard in the life of Harold, the film begins
to get even fun.

Will Ferrell is the perfect choice as Harold. It gives the film a sense
de''El Truman Show'', which is not difficult to explain, knowing
his style of comedy is similar to that of Jim Carrey. Oscar nominations? I would not say that
reach that point. But if I said he did not have any opportunity
me is lying.

The rest of the cast is also wonderful. Emma Thompson is hilarious as
Kay Eiffel, the eccentric novelist. Their disposal methods are
spontaneously hilarious. Queen Latifah proves once again that is a
(fun) the talented actress. However, Dustin Hoffman is truly spectacular
as Dr. Jules Hilbert. A similar role to that which portrays
''I Heart Huckabees'', Hoffman is perfect and can also get a wink, even though the odds are

Marc Foster once again proves to be a great director. A hearing
captivator, cry and make thousands (''Finding Neverland''), many wonder
(''Stay '& # 39;), and a lot of shocked people (''Monster's Ball). Now,
hace''ficción''una of the most hilarious comedies in a while. And
also makes you think. Two birds with one stone:
can get better than that? Fiction''''obras, and that's all that matters. A large
film, is one more to the list of Foster. Congratulations once
Stranger Than Fiction is a peculiar black comedy about Harold Crick, an
man with a fascination and concern at the numbers, which
discovers that he is apparently little more than a character someone
The story of another person and that the course of his life seems to have been
dash. Everything you do and think is narrated as does
and thinks that, after the realization that he is not really crazy that
tries to find out what is really happening.

I liked this movie a lot - that there were elements of movies similar theme
worlds of fiction where they intersect and influence in the real world and vice versa
versa, as the hours and the Purple Rose of Cairo. However, we need
this concept in a new direction and affects the philosophies of
choice and destiny - if the story of our lives is already written, we can
change the script? Does knowing what the future holds
influence our lives or are only following a course predestined everything we do? As can be expected
Marc Foster gives a good and able leadership and
are a lot of elements of the film that were really very nice. Some
scenes are perhaps too long withdrawal, but mostly
managed to keep the film flowing smoothly. The "mathematical images" that the clock
beautifully illustrated account of Harold Crick is a great man
idea and the Ikea scene reminiscent of Fight Club.

acting together was an excellent standard. Will Ferrell's
dry delivery is absolutely perfect for the role of a
man with his fate in the hands of an unknown person, apparently force. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Dustin Hoffman and Queen Latifah
give all very respectable performances as does the
relatively unknown Tony Hale. However, felt that the gem in this movie
had to be Emma Thompson's performance as the neurotic and fidgety
author Kay Eiffel which seems increasingly unstrung
as the film progresses.

I had the good fortune to get to see a screening test for this film tonight.
I was expecting a generic romantic comedy in Hollywood history still
was sufficiently unique and attractive, and the performances were magnificent,
giving it a rightful place alongside other great modern black comedies.

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