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(comedy, drama)
Download Movie NumbScreenwriter Hudson Milbank suffers from acute depersonalization disorder. So alienated from his own life that he makes the chronically depressed look perky, Hudson lives alone, watches The Golf Channel all day, can't hang on to a relationship, shoplifts in order to get his adrenalin up off the floor, fears that thinking about his dad's death will bring it to pass, loathes his mother, and in general, is as nutty as a crapshack in a peanut farm. Obsessed with the underlying sadness that infuses his wretched existence, Hudson is a man in hell, but he thinks that his long catalogue of dismally unsatisfying and mutually self-destructive relationships is over when SARA stumbles into his life. He knows she can save him. She knows he has to save himself. Together they save each other. And it's funny too.


Matthew Perry as Hudson
Barry W. Levy as Executive
Jerry Rector as BMW Salesman
Mark Acheson as Homeless Guy
Ben Ayres as Brad
Noah Danby as Tim
William B. Davis as Peter
Brad Ganes as John
Brian George as Dr. Richmond
Bob Gunton as Dr. Townsend
Graham Kosakoski as Big 5 Salesman
Darcy Michael as Video Store Clerk
Kevin Pollak as Tom
Benjamin Ratner as Stan
Lyle St. Goddard as Airport Parking Officer
Harris Goldberg

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